In alarming reports by the media, a very serious warning has been given to residents in India about the toxic smog present in the air. The deadly air pollution enveloping the capital, New Delhi, and other cities, is harming the environment. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the last few years, many children have lost their lives because of inhaling this toxic air. The central and state governments need to take serious action and prevent more lives from being lost. However, there is a reluctance. The government is disinterested. The most deadly pollutants are dust especially from construction sites, smoke, gaseous emissions from two wheelers, cars buses, trucks and more. Why can’t these vehicles and practices be strictly regulated? These practices should be stopped and more attention should be paid to the environment. It is severely impacting the elderly, the sick and school-going children. The BJP government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ (Clean India) slogan is being repeatedly propagated in the press and is all over social media, but there is no effect of this. The air is dirty and so are the rivers. The government only talks and criticizes the opposition. The public is being advised to help out in the cleaning efforts, but the administration has to monitor and extend a helping hand and make sure the practices are regularly followed. The central and state governments will have to intervene and help the country. Public health should receive high priority.

- The reader is a resident of Dubai