The prime reason people are upset and suffering emotionally is because they are trapped by their minds. Their minds are trapped by their thoughts. To change how you feel, you have to change how you think. To change how you think, you have to first watch your thought pattern and ask yourself whether it is constructive or destructive.

A constructive thought pattern simply serves you. It is perceiving, interpreting and analysing events positively. That entails understanding that your energy flow towards what you focus on and continuously changes its form according to your thoughts. That is why people sometimes see someone full of energy, vitality and passion, and another person full of stress, boredom or indifference, while doing the same activity or while sitting with the same person.

Similarly, facing a challenge or solving a problem requires a lot of positivity, or else you will get trapped in a negative thought process, which will take you nowhere. Events just happen and the meaning you give to them is what creates the experience.

It is your interpretation of the event that makes it positive or negative. Your interpretation of the event is your perception; the way you process it mentally.

To change the perception is simple, all one has to do is change the pattern of thinking. Your life is yours and you need to change your thoughts to change your life. What you need to do to escape the trap is to extend your awareness beyond your mind.

– Business consultant based in the UAE