Trophy win, a great achievement for Pakistan

The recent thumping victory for Pakistan against India in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Champions Trophy and the huge difference in runs was a great achievement for the Pakistan team. Despite winning the toss, Indian captain Virat Kohli should have chosen for batting, allowing Pakistan to chase.

Above all, the top batsmen miserably failed and only Hardik Pandya proved his mettle. The Indian team has completely disappointed millions of viewers and this defeat cannot be digested. I do agree that cricket is a game of luck, but no sincere attempt has been made by the Indian team is my opinion. Kudos to Pakistan team for their excellent performance!

From Mr K. Ragavan

Bengaluru, India

Well deserved

Well played, Pakistan! It was an amazing performance by the team and beautifully won. They deserved the victory because their performance was incredible. What a lovely match!

From Ms Shree Chakraborty


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Outstanding performance!

The match was really well played by Pakistan’s team. Bowling, batting and fielding was all outstanding. A game is a game. The one who plays well deserves to win. Congratulations team Pakistan!

From Mr Mamta Kachhawa


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We all celebrate

Both teams played well! The Indian team was good, but Pakistan’s performance was exceptional. It’s a game. Hats off to both teams, but congratulations to Pakistan! I celebrate with you!

From Ms Aike Fatima


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Future successes

Well played! It was a comprehensive win. Though I am an Indian, I couldn’t help, but cheer for the type of cricket that Pakistan played. Their team is surely on the rise and may achieve great success in the future. Best of luck!

From Mr Shameer T.


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Winning and losing is a part and parcel of any game. Hence, as averred by Kohli, there is no shame in losing the Champions Trophy to the Champion team, Pakistan. But we are really ashamed with the way our world class players caved in. Once Pakistan scored 300+, our team, especially the captain, was nervous. Time and again we observe that our Men in Blue (MIB) get nervous at the crunch time. If it was Ravichandran Ashwin, whose no ball cost us the T-20 World Cup match against the West Indies, it was Jasprit Bumrah’s turn against Pakistan. Our team proved to be clueless and forced to bowl 13 wides and three no balls, which is unpardonable for the so-called world class team. Still we expected our team to put up a brave fight, but were totally disappointed.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Mylapore, India

A peaceful time

If there was any day they could have beat India, it was Sunday and they did it well. Tough luck to my team, India. As for Pakistani fans celebrating - all fans must not speak badly about others. Just keep in mind the morals of Islam and be peaceful in this month of Ramadan!

From Mr Laali B. A. W.


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Superior cricket

Congratulations to India, too. They are one of the best teams in the world! They played far superior cricket than any other team in the tournament and they should be very proud. I’m happy for my champions, this was our day, but full marks to India for playing some delightful cricket throughout. Best of luck for their tour.

From Mr Naveed Sultan


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It was their day

Pakistan played exceptionally well with both bat and ball, especially being dark horses of the tournament after they started with a loss and finished on top! It was just hard work and dedication. It was a great game and it was completely their day.

It just was not our day, but we are still the best team. I hope team Pakistan keeps the same momentum and brings out the old champions, which the team was lacking for some years. Big respect from India!

From Mr Bassim Bashir


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Unacceptable loss

India got thumped. It was an unacceptable defeat in cricket for us. This is not something we take lightly, because we give them everything – fame, fortune. However generous they are in appreciating the winning team, I cannot accept the way they got beaten. There wasn’t a bit of resistance from any one player. There are no excuses. If you wear the Indian team uniform, you will go out and win the matches for India. If you can’t guarantee that, stay away from cricket. This game is not meant for you. The whole team should apologise to the nation for their miserable show.

From Mr Prakash Balakrishnan


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