Treat battery operated toys with caution

I have purchased two smart balance wheels, and I believe their safety has been slightly misleading (‘Poll analysis: Smart balance wheels too dangerous for readers’, Gulf News, December 18). Lithium ion batteries are the problem and not so much the hover board itself. Everything from flashlights to airplanes with this battery has caught on fire.

Secondly, how were the devices handled in each fire case? The batteries are large and can pose a risk if you mistreat them. Follow safety precautions. If I puncture a lithium battery right now, it will cause a fire. Are we doing our best to prevent this? I can almost guarantee that most people are mishandling the device.

Many mobile phones are equipped with the same battery that you hold next to your head. If you play games or talk on it for five to six hours straight, it will get very hot. Then, if you charge it for five to six hours, it will get increasingly hot. Get the point? Manage the device and keep the temperatures in an appropriate range as per the instructions.

In conclusion, I am not concerned at all about these toys. I never looked at this as being a transportation device. It’s a toy for the children to have fun with and it is up to the parents to manage the use, personal safety precautions, as well as the technical charging requirements.

From Mr Joe Fougere


Loophole for juvenile delinquents

In the wake of the recent string of crimes committed by juveniles, society has become polarised on its take on such a sensitive issue (‘Speak Your Mind: Juvenile offenders’, Gulf News, December 18). Although I’m convinced that no one is born a criminal, one is in their complete senses while committing such inhumane acts. These actions tarnish their reputation and that of society. What perturbs me is that perpetrators of such heinous crimes walk free, especially if they are juveniles and governments are even paying them reparations to begin anew.

Juveniles should be tried as adults or else we are sending a wrong message to the future bearers of the nation entrusted with propelling us into an era of success that they can commit ghastly acts and get away with it. Matters such as bureaucracy and hierarchical distinction are just a gist of what plagues society, but juvenile offences are ingrained. Law is yet to address this discrepancy.

From Ms Syeda Amena


Lives in our hands

It is heartening to note that there has been a decline in UAE road deaths this year (‘UAE road deaths decline 4.9% this year’, Gulf News, December 18). A 4.9 per cent decrease might not seem like a huge improvement, but considering that the number of registered vehicles has gone up, it is something to feel good about. Also, with so many steps being taken by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), I am sure that deaths occurring from road accidents will further reduce.

Too many lives have been lost over the years. Rash, reckless driving and unnecessary distractions while driving are the major causes for accidents. People should realise that there are other lives revolving round them – a mother at home is waiting for her son, a wife for her husband, a sister for her brother or children for their father. When the news reaches them that their loved one has been in an accident, their entire world comes crashing down. It is too big a price to pay for a momentary kick one receives by driving fast.

Precious lives will be saved if everyone follows speed limit and traffic rules. This country has few blemishes, but the number of road accidents is sadly one of them. The authorities need our cooperation. Safe driving will ensure that this imperfection gets corrected.

From Mr Nasser Zaidi


Proud of contribution

Engaging Pakistan’s army will help the Saudi-led coalition in the destruction of our mutual enemies (‘Pakistan says it is part of Saudi-led coalition’, Gulf News, December 18). We are proud of this.

From Mr Abdul Wahab


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Maintaining hope in war

It is a good news that a new anti-terror coalition of 34 Muslim majority countries has come together to fight terrorism in the latest sign of a more assertive foreign policy.The announcement was made on the same day that peace talks between Iran backed Yemeni rebels and Yemen’s government began in Switzerland, accompanied by a ceasefire. Unfortunately the ceasefire fell through, however we still have hope.

Despite the latest efforts of many Islamic nations, many are seen as a source of the extremist ideology that underpins violent groups. Hopefully the new Saudi-led alliance can show the rest of the world that these nations want these militant groups extinguished more than anyone else.

From Mr Sunny Joseph Mala

Kerala, India

Proud member

Pakistan has a very strong army. I am proud to be Muslim and Pakistani. We are with all Muslims around the world and I agree with us joining the coalition. Salute to the Pakistani army.

From Mr Dilawar Awan


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Politicians should work together

The former mayor of Chennai M. Subramanian recently spoke to the media, and I think that he is right that the state government is responsible for the flood disaster. However, despite the previous flood disasters during their tenures, they also failed to take corrective measures to prevent such calamities. Had they set right the sewage and drainage problems, maybe the people of Chennai wouldn’t have had to face such a devastating damages.

Added to the above woes, they were magnanimous in giving permission for the mushrooming of smart government initiatives and multi-story flats in low lying areas. Hence, it is the collective mismanagement of these parties that has led to this disaster. These politicians in our country know only how to find fault with the ruling party and highlight and exaggerate issues in the media to gain political mileage.

None of them are concerned about the welfare of common man, who are the ultimate sufferers due to their inaction. We sincerely hope that at least now they should sink their differences and avoid pointing fingers at each other and rectify their mistakes to work together for the welfare of the voters in our country!

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Mylapore, India

Learn from these people

A few people are aware that we humans are destroying the Amazon rainforest where isolated tribes live. The FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) have found over 77 tribes in the Amazon since 2007, according to their website, and the numbers keep increasing each year. FUNAI has gotten in contact with native tribes and have learnt about their lifestyles and the history of the Amazon. They have also learnt that they live in traditional log houses near trees that carry nutritious fruits and they are very protective of their environment. These people are a piece of living history and we are not learning about them as much as we can.

From Ms Jenna Nagji


Law applies to all

Congress party leader, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul have appeared in a Delhi court in connection with their alleged involvement in the National Herald case (‘Furious India opposition Congress blasts Gandhi summons’, Gulf News, December 18). If anything, the trial for the two points to one thing in particular - the neutrality of the Indian judicial system. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law. Two cheers for the Indian judiciary!

From Mr Thomas Matthew Parackel

Kerala, India

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