Tough matches

While we are happy for tennis player Novak Djokovic for winning his fourth Wimbledon trophy, but we really feel sorry for Kevin Anderson, who has won our hearts during his progress to the finals (“Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon final”, Gulf News, July 16). It was just not his day. Maybe he was drained out after his mammoth quarter-final and semi-final matches against Roger Federer and John Isner? Anyway, he looked sluggish on the field. I am glad that Djokovic is back with a bang and had his son to cheer him up. I hope to see a rejuvenated Djokovic during the US Open to make it tough for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who are keen to add to their Grand Slam tally.

From Mr N. Hariharan


Aces of the game

There are many athletes who shine even after they turn 30. Though there are players like tennis champion Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, it is Serena Williams in women’s singles category who took the cake. Though she is 37 and a mother, if she can reach the Wimbledon finals with ease, then definitely her days as a tennis player are not over. We could expect her to win more and rewrite records. By reaching the Wimbledon finals, she has once again proved that age is just a number. As opined by her, she is ‘just getting started’ and will add more feathers to her cap. We wish her, Federer and Nadal, the best in the coming years.

From Mr Ayush Srikanth


Incredible feat

The world heaved a sigh of relief when all the twelve boys and their coach were successfully rescued from the flooded cave where they were trapped for nearly three weeks (“Thailand gave diplomatic immunity to Australian medical team in cave rescue,” Gulf News, July 17). The members of the difficult, gruelling and daring rescue operation showed that with dedication, courage and bravery, human beings can surpass the most insurmountable obstacles and achieve their target. The extraordinary team braved the odds, risked their lives, overcame perilous weather conditions and spent days in teaching the boys breathing techniques and diving skills. The collective efforts of all the divers, medical experts and other officials bore sweet fruit as they were able to rescue the trapped children and their coach. The complexity, risks and scale of the operation is unprecedented. The leadership of the Thailand authorities in completing the humane mission was exemplary. Each member of the team is a superhero and the children and their mentor who went through the ordeal will always be hailed as heroes. All is well that ends well. Let us salute all these heroes. This rescue operation is the most heroic and inspiring one recently.

From Ms Jayashree Kulkarni

Abu Dhabi

The story of the year

First of all I would like to thank the Thai officials for their determination in taking every possible step to ensure that this mission will conclude in the saving of the boys’ and coaches’ lives. The world has to recognise the bravery and courage exhibited by these divers. These men who entered such dangerous environment and worked in lethal, dark and cramped conditions putting their own lives at risk was incredible and it shows us that we can achieve so much when we work together towards a common challenge and goal. We can find the methods to save lives. The co-operation and determination of others can reach new heights. For example, if all world leaders work for peace and prosperity, the world would be a better place. It can make a big change around the world. Once again, I want to thank everyone on this mission.

From Ms Habeeba Salim


Tharoor’s verbal bout

Congress cautions Shashi Tharoor after his Hindu-Pakistan comment and the article was interesting to read (“Hindu Pakistan: BJP activists vandalise Shashi Tharoor’s office”, Gulf News, July 17). The recent comment made by Tharoor in Thiruvananthapuram on the effort of the Bharatiya Janata Party, if they come to power in 2019, has triggered trouble. The Congress party cautioned him on his comment and this was the latest development in Indian politics. I admire Tharoor as a diplomat and as a versatile journalist but this unwanted comment made by him is condemnable. Being an educated and knowledgeable person, his comment is unacceptable. This is the sad state of affairs in India. From Mr K. Ragavan

Denver, US

Playing the people

During our school days, we heard a story about a greedy king who advised his deputy to levy hefty taxes on the people. Later on, to subdue criticism, the king would announce reduction in taxes and earn the goodwill of the people. This is exactly what’s being practiced by the Congress party. Being the major partner in the coalition government in Karnataka, the Janata Dal (Secular) Chief Minister would have taken the consent of the Congress before placing the budgets. Not opposing the fuel hike at that time, the Congress is now shedding crocodile tears about the fuel price increase and is demanding a change. We are confident that just like in the case of oil companies that increased their prices by Rs10, and then reduced them by the same, the Karnataka Chief Minister may cut prices and the Congress would try to gain some political mileage with the move. They are probably not aware that the present day voters are smart enough to know and assess such gimmicks. We are sure everyone is waiting for an appropriate opportunity to teach them a lesson or two. It’s time the political parties learn to be true to its voters!

From Mr N. Viswanathan


The common conman

As I was taking my evening nap, I heard a knock at the door. Usually, I don’t have as many visitors as I am not a social person. It was a woman with a smartphone in her hand. I asked her what was wrong when she asked me for my WiFi password, as she had some urgent work. In my half asleep state, I had no idea what to say. Maybe she wanted to talk to someone? My friend advised me strongly to change the WiFi password because sharing the same possesses multiple risks. This short conversation made me question the security issues we have at the moment. We have advanced to a level wherein we cannot trust anyone we do not know personally. Today, will you really believe anyone who is in dire need of help?

From Mr Ben Nair


Animal cruelty must stop

Throughout history, individuals have condemned various practices that they have considered cruel against animals. Artist Leonardo da Vinci was troubled by the sight of birds being kept captive in the cages for human pleasure. Humans have been cruel to animals and birds. They use animals for food and for their furs. Laws concerning animal cruelty take divergent approaches. Animals also have basic rights and they should be left unharmed and should not be used just for the selfish needs of human beings. We are confined in a society where the crime against humans are increasing day by day. The lack of humanity brings out cold-blooded attitudes towards animals. In many cases, I feel that the lack of awareness is the main cause of this. Pet owners too should have house inspections. A person who is intentionally cruel towards animals can be cruel towards people too. There are many places in the world who charge people for animal cruelty while remaining states treat animal cruelty as a misdemeanour. If you see any animal who is a victim of cruelty or has been neglected, then we must report it. Laws can be carried out by local police stations of or the municipality.

From Ms Sumitra Nair


Less sodium, better health

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure (“Several heart medicines recalled in UAE”, Gulf News, July 11). It was not consoling to know that around one third of adults in the UAE have the same condition, but at least I hoped it would help me find unsalted and low sodium products for my diet. To my surprise, it does not. None of the supermarkets around my area stock unsalted fresh bread. I only found one hypermarket where the bakery manager told me they have “unsalted baguettes” but were unavailable that day. Although it is a 20 minute drive from my home, I will have to try again. What is worse is that in other big supermarkets, an employee assured me that none of their sliced breads have salt that was until I showed her the composition printed on the bags. She was puzzled. At the cold cuts counter, it was the same story. The employees varied from offering me low fat chicken to honey breasted turkey but they didn’t have any information about ‘low sodium products’. They looked genuinely surprised at my question and behaved as if no one had ever asked them about such a thing. Going to the packaged or canned food section is worthless. I’m writing this letter in the hope that some clever entrepreneur will see the potential of introducing low sodium products in the market. In the meantime, it could help if at least the big supermarkets educate their employees about the fact that a growing number of people need to have low sodium diets to fence off high blood pressure, a silent killer.

From Ms Angeles Espinosa


Glued to a screen

I was sitting and waiting for my school bus to arrive. Two women hurriedly dashed out of the lift and ran towards their chiildren. Both exclaimed – ‘You forgot your tablet’. I was amazed at the bizarre coincidence. When I looked further, I saw an Ipad in the first lady’s hand. However, nothing in the second’s. I laughed to myself thinking that she has forgotten to bring the tab while coming down. Just then, she handed over a small pill to her child and instructed him to eat the same after breakfast.

The scene I just witnessed intrigued me. It struck me how modern day’s reality has come down to these two tablets.

People have become obsessed with the usage of the screen in whatever form. We are simply glued to technology day in and day out. It is sad to see that kids these days prefer to play a game on the tablet, rather than going out and spending time with friends. Family gatherings and trips have come down to only the requisite to click umpteen pictures and exhibition the gala to the world. We might be having hundreds of friends on social media but are not even acquainted with the person living next door. Even if the eyes are strained and the hand are tired, we are trying to browse for excuses to continue.

Our lifestyle leaves us with no choice than to take-in the second tablet. Most of us do not find time to exercise or follow a fitness regime. We procrastinate and blame the workload. Prioritising the use of the gadgets,make us look out for easier alternatives and lead to the temptation of discounts on take-away and order-out. All these result in various health issues and necessitate regular medication.Take some time to ponder and control the use of ‘the screen’.

From Ms Heena Kapoor


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