Aisha Al Janahi Image Credit: Supplied

If we look at both men and women, we can see that everyone pauses at times to review their life’s goals and dreams.
They might reach the top of the ladder and then find out that something was wrong — they hit a wall. That applies to either job, marriage, personality development, a goal or dream.
Some unmarried women start to worry about where their life is going, especially when they are in their late twenties or early thirties. For them it feels like there is no way forward because they freak out about ending their life alone, with no children.

Others feel depressed for not having a proper job that suits their goals and needs and that can make them frustrated with just about everything.
In both these cases, thinking that time is running out usually fills any person with gloom and that definitely can lead to depression, and end their pursuit of success and happiness.
You’ve got all the choices in your hand —whether you want to feel bad or good. Trust your abilities, honour your achievements and count your blessings. That will definitely make your life a bed of roses.

 — The reader is an IT consultant living in Dubai.