Housewives deserve recognition

I think housewives should be paid for their work. But, by pay I don’t mean a wage. They deserve utmost care, respect, love and importance for the work they do. Just because a woman is a housewife, I have seen the society looking down upon her. Many a times it’s not just the society, but also her very own family, that is her spouse and children, not respecting her work. This has to change. The work done by a housewife shouldn’t be taken as a job. It is a sacrifice that a woman has to do for the sake of her family at some point in her life. There is no amount of money that can compensate for it. Her compensation should be in the form of equal say when dealing with financial and domestic decisions.

From Ms Khair Un Nisa


Hire a third person

Whether it is a housewife or househusband, the principle is the same – no they shouldn’t be compensated. If that person were to be paid, then by whom? Would the working spouse have to earn more to cover it? They can both go to work and pay a third party. From Mr Ray Macek


Personal spending

No one can pay or compensate the work of a housewife. But I think in terms of saving and utilising money on personal expenses, housewives should be paid because at the end of day she will ultimately use it for the well being of her children, home or husband. Also it will save her from asking her husband every time she wants to spend money on something personal.

From Ms Marvee Soomro


No compensation necessary

The nature of jobs allotted to men and women is different, just as their physiology is. Women surely need to know their rights and duties. As a Muslim, I believe that if they do choose to go to work, even then they have a right over their spouse’s money. So there is no question of compensation. What the husband spends on his family and wife is his duty but what the woman spends is help from her side.

From Ms Saba Ansari


Small appreciation

I agree with Saba Ansari. As a home-schooling mother to a special needs child, wife and manager of my home, I feel that although I was created with the endurance, patience and strength to fulfil all the invaluable and precious roles that housewives play, I should be shown the appropriate appreciation. Whether it be by small financial gifts each month so I can buy the personal things I like, or even a bunch of flowers, this is to the discretion of the wife, provided it is reasonable. Housewives play the biggest, most valuable role in the home, in families, communities and society as a whole and deserve the esteem that the Almighty has given us as mothers and wives.

From Ms Razaan M Galiel


Natural place

What kind of a question is this? This is what Nature has made women for and anything that is not natural creates an imbalance in society.

From Ms Bushra Wajid

Abu Dhabi

Let them choose

I disagree with Bushra Wajid. You think it is any less ‘natural’ for a woman to work than a man? The year is 2015, not 1960. Perhaps it is time to step out of the time bubble and go see the world around you. Did you know that the car heater, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, wireless transmission technology, CCTV and lots of other things that you use in your daily life were invented by women? Women are just as fit for work as men. The only reason a man should be supported by his woman is when he can’t take care of himself. Everyone, men and women, should have the freedom to choose, end of discussion.

From Ms Jennifer Stagling

Doha, Qatar

No amount is enough

I don’t think that housewives should be paid. It is an obligation that every women as a wife and mother needs to do. It is more than a job, but it’s the success of every women. No amount of money is equivalent to being a housewife.

From Ms Veds Lizardo Calayag


Managing finances

A housewife is one’s life partner. She is a part of the life of a man she has married. The husband can give his income to his wife and she can manage the home and finances peacefully and take care of her children.

From Mr Suresh Babu

Faridabad, India

Cannot purchase it

What is the meaning of a housewife if you decide to pay her a wage? The importance of the relationship and motherhood is not something you can purchase.

From Mr Antony Thomas


She is the true owner

In my opinion, the housewife is the true owner of a house. How can we pay our wives then? Everything already belongs to her. As a husband, we work, build a house and buy all the things for her. So, in that case, she is the owner and we are just workers.

From Mr Naveed Ali Baloch


Equal partners

We should start with treating the housewife as an equal partner in the relationship. By this I mean an equal partner politically, socially and legally.

From Ms Lily Baron


Everything is hers

Who needs to get paid when your husband’s entire salary is remitted to you? No one can perform the role of being a mother and a housewife better than a woman.

From Mr Minn C.


Flexible hours

If nothing else, receiving compensation will compel more women to be housewives. After all, everyone wants to try working from home and have flexible hours

From Ms Farhana H.


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