Shame on the authorities

This is the height of negligence on the part of the authorities who are responsible for the repatriation of the body (“Saudi family’s shock on opening father’s coffin”, Gulf News, April 23). Glad that the family insisted on opening the coffin or else they would have buried somebody else by mistake, thinking it was their father. I feel sorry for the family for their loss and the trouble they had faced in tracing their father’s body for burial.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Upsetting news, sad times

Reading such news so often is quite upsetting and the data shows that such cases are on a rise (“Girl repeatedly raped by father commits suicide”, Gulf News, April 22). In the latest incident, a daughter was attacked by her father. What’s going on? Why has society become so cruel? Today’s youth as well as their ancestors are seeing a world that is much more exposed and those who are supposed to provide shelter have becomes unreliable. At the same time, the framework of democracy still allows the legal system to prolong cases of such extreme nature, thus indirectly allowing the cowardice to continue.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Shameful news for India

It a shame that such brutal cases of the rape of minors have been happening in India. What is more shameful is that we advertise petty political gains in the media but we have lost our values and it has to do a lot with blatant Westernisation and lack of spiritual mooring. As per statistics, per capita rate in India is still much lower than even some developed countries. But our selfishness blows it out of proportion and ends up in distorting the self-respect of the nation. Let us hope with the new stringent laws and application things change. Also society and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) need to take responsibility to educate and create awareness on the subject matter.

From Mr C. F. Cooper


A sad state of affairs

The recent rape cases are shocking. They make my spine shake in fear. How long can we let women in our country be treated like this? So many people don’t want to have girls because it is such a hassle to raise them in a country where it is unsafe for them. These acts are cruel and unnecessary. Still, despite the debates and the discussions, politicians are worried about votes, religion and power. I would like to congratulate them for ruining our country.

From Mr Nariman Gupta


Abandoned vehicles are problematic

Finding parking in International City at 6pm is the most difficult thing in the world (“Lack of parking for residents in International City”, Gulf News, April 19). The main cause for this is the number of bachelors and the company accommodations which result in many commercial vehicles and hundreds of abandoned vehicles. For years the management has not taken any action against these abandoned vehicles.

From Ms Kashi Khan


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Dusty roads and cars

Here in Sharjah we have the same problem. The road between our buildings are still dust roads so our cars are always dirty and the road is always in a bad condition!

From Mr Deidre Vermeulen


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Parking problems

The issue of parking is affecting every area. There are always random cars that park in areas that are restricted or reserved for tenants of buildings. I live in Deira and it is the same situation here. I have a particular spot to park at, in front of my building, and despite putting a chain, people remove it and park their car. I have called the police many times in the past because of this. People park their cars and leave. No one bothers to write a note or inform the building watchman that that they are going to use the parking spot for a few hours. There have been many a times where I have come home at night to find another car in my spot. It is very frustrating.

From Ms Alia Mathur


Legal system in shambles

India’s Chief Justice was asked to be impeached and the Opposition party got 64 serving members as signatories (“India’s top judge faces impeachment motion”, Gulf News, April 21). This was the latest development in Indian politics - the allegations made by the opposition parties particularly Congress about him and about his mismanagement of cases. Legal experts are afraid this incident was unfortunate and people will get suspicious of the Indian Judiciary if it is passed by the Rajya Sabha. Some experts are under the impression that the judges are not corrupt, this move is purely unprecedented by the political parties. It is a sad state of affairs.

From Mr K. Ragavan


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