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UAE’s sustainability commitment

For the past three years, I have been involved in a climate action project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where I have closely observed the country’s commitment to sustainability (“UAE’s remarkable path to sustainability: Setting the stage for COP28”, Gulf News, August 8). The UAE is determined to become a global leader in climate action and sustainability. To achieve this goal, the country has set an ambitious agenda geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

The UAE is taking a multi-faceted approach to climate action, focusing on renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, circular economy, and climate resilience. The country is also promoting the use of electric vehicles and sustainable public transport to reduce emissions. The UAE is adopting stringent green building standards and a circular economy approach to reduce waste generation and promote resource efficiency. The country recognises the importance of research and innovation in driving climate action projects and aims to invest in cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Through strategic planning, collaboration, and continuous innovation, the UAE is taking a leading role in sustainable development on a global scale. This report provides an overview of the future prospects and initiatives that the UAE is expected to undertake to drive climate action projects forward.

From Ms Nuzhat Shamim


Asian Games 2023

It’s a moment of pride for all Indians that the Asian Games 2023 contingent from the country has surpassed expectations by winning more than 107 medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President, P T Usha, hailed the collective efforts of the athletes, support staff, officials and the Central Government for their hard work in achieving this feat. However, it is disappointing that despite all the accolades, the athletes have not received any monetary benefits, usually announced before they leave for the games. While we celebrate this achievement, it is important to remember that this does not guarantee us the same results at the Paris Olympics. The goal should exceed our performance by winning at least 25 to 30 medals in Paris, 10 in each metal. Only then can we consider bidding for the Olympics in India. Therefore, the IOA should focus on preparing our athletes to achieve this target before considering bidding for the Olympics in India.

From Ms Janaki M


Joy of writing letters

As I woke up today, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the time when postal letters and telegrams were the only means of communication. These letters were the primary source of communication with our loved ones, and the anticipation of receiving one of these letters was special. The emotions running through us as we read a letter from our loved ones brought unparalleled joy and happiness. I still prefer writing long letters to my friends, relatives, and colleagues. These letters help connect people and their thoughts on a much deeper level.

With the advancement of technology, new means of communication like emails, faxes, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook have taken over. People now rarely write letters like they used to in the past. The volume of personal letters sent has drastically reduced, and they are now mostly limited to official ones like bank and utility bills communications, invitations, or printed materials like periodicals. However, being from the older generation, I still prefer holding and reading a letter. There’s something about the physicality of a letter that makes it special. Therefore, I make it a point to physically write and post at least one letter per year and send out cards during the festive season.

I look forward to posting New Year greetings to my friends and relatives worldwide every year. Anticipation is life’s best joy; to experience it, we should resume sending and receiving letters. Let’s connect with our loved ones by sending them physical letters and relive the joy of receiving one.

Mr Eappen Elias


WTC Final 2023: Rohit Sharma break records

Congratulations to the Indian cricket team, especially its captain Rohit Sharma, for exhibiting his hitting prowess and scoring a century in just 63 balls. This performance broke the decades old record of the legendary Kapil Dev, who hit it in 72 balls. During this knock, Rohit surpassed Chris Gayle’s 553 sixes in the World Cup tournament. We hope he can continue this form, like the one he played during the 2019 World Cup in England. Of course, credit should be given to the Indian bowler, Jasprit Bumrah, who accounted for four wickets and restricted the Afghanistan team’s total to 272 runs. Thankfully, Virat Kohli is back in form and chasing targets in his usual style, as is KL Rahul, who has exhibited his worth to the team and shown that he is fully fit to play. Well done, team India, keep it up!

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


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