Space exploration

Currently, many countries are focused on developing their space exploration techniques to research the latest happenings in space (“Revealed: What UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi longs to do first when he returns to Earth from space”, Gulf News, August 4).

The UAE boasts of numerous achievements, including Sultan Al Neyadi’s space research. This is a significant accomplishment for the UAE, and they are putting in all necessary efforts to ensure its success.

India achieved another milestone in the field of space exploration, recently launching its dream project, Chandrayaan 3, which has been successful so far. We are eagerly anticipating news of a successful landing on the moon, which will be a remarkable achievement for India. Additionally, India launched PSLV-C56 last week, which was a great success. ISRO is doing exceptional work, with their hard-working staff working around the clock to achieve milestones. As an Indian, I am very proud of these accomplishments and equally proud of the UAE, my second home country, for their efforts and hard work in space exploration.

With all the research being done, space travel will soon become more frequent and accessible.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S Pillai


UAE’S humanitarian efforts

It is important to recognise the essential role of humanitarian efforts in easing suffering and improving the lives of those facing adversity (“How UAE’s humanitarian initiatives are inspiring the world”, Gulf News, March 18). The UAE has demonstrated a strong commitment to such initiatives, contributing to global stability and prosperity beyond its borders. I want to express gratitude to the UAE government for its recent contribution of 250 tonnes of relief aid to Ukraine, including personal supplies, lighting equipment, and blankets. These supplies will make a significant difference in the lives of those experiencing hardship. Such acts of kindness not only promote empathy, compassion, and international solidarity but also inspire others to work together to address the world’s most pressing challenges. I am proud to be associated with the UAE.

From Ms Anam Fatima


Pilot whales stranded in Australia

It is concerning to witness a rare occurrence of over fifty Pilot whales dying in Australia (“Last of nearly 100 pilot whales that beached on Australia’s coast are euthanised after rescue fails”, Gulf News, July 27). Last year over 500 whales were stranded on a New Zealand beach resulting in many deaths

It is heartbreaking to see such a large number of whales being washed ashore, as they are considered intelligent creatures. Experts state that when whales enter the shore area, they find it difficult to return due to the pressure difference, which could be the reason for their death.

Whales are social creatures and travel in groups. Injuries caused by ships or an increase in water pollution from chemicals dumped in water beds can also be contributing factors to their deaths. It is evident that humans are responsible for the imbalance caused in the environment, as we often neglect the sea, water, and our environment. Climate change may also affect marine life, and if we don’t take action, we could witness the extinction of whales from our sea beds. In 1973, hundreds of whales washed ashore in India.

It is crucial that scientists, along with marine biologists, study the phenomenon to determine the reasons for whales stranding on beaches, which appears to be mass suicide. It is high time to prioritise the protection of marine life and take measures to reduce pollution and other environmental factors that could harm these beautiful creatures.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Cricket: India lose to West Indies

It’s disappointing to witness the Indian team lose their first T20 match to the West Indies by a mere four runs, especially when they were chasing a relatively low target of 150 runs. It’s possible that the batsmen were too confident in their abilities to chase down the target. Nonetheless, I’m relieved that this loss serves as a much-needed wake-up call for the team’s decision-makers. The Indian team openers played too defensively, leading to their early dismissal. In my opinion, dropping one of them and giving Yashasvi Jaiswal a chance to open the innings could be a viable solution. Sanju Samson is another excellent option to open or come in at the number three position of the squad. Unfortunately, Axar Patel seemed to be the weak link in the team, but this issue can be resolved once Ravindra Jadeja returns. I have faith that the Indian coach will evaluate the team’s shortcomings and work to correct their mistakes in the upcoming matches. Let’s hope for a stronger comeback from the Indian team.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


Cricket: England v Australia

The Australian cricket team has caused controversy once again following their loss at the Oval. On the fifth of the test match, the ball lost its shape after a knock on Usman Khawaja’s helmet, leading to a change of ball that was agreed upon by the Australian batsmen and England captain and the on-field umpires. However, after losing a cluster of wickets following the ball change, past and present Australian players are facing criticism. It’s ironic that they’ve previously made excuses for their defeats in the Delhi and Mumbai Tests, blaming factors like ‘fog’ and ‘doctored pitch’ (A doctored pitch refers to the intentional preparation of a cricket pitch to gain a competitive advantage of the home team). Additionally, they have been caught cheating in the past by claiming bounced catches and sandpapering the ball.

From Mr N Viswanathan


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