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COVID-19: Are you disposing of your face mask properly?

In this pandemic situation, the best way to protect ourselves is by wearing a face mask, hand gloves, face shields and practising social distancing, and hygiene habits ( “Are you disposing your face mask in Dubai responsibly?”, Gulf News, July 28). Experts and doctors say that these practices help us to protect and prevent ourselves from COVID-19. However, people are often seen disposing these gloves and face masks on the ground, public places, beaches and parks after use. This not only increases the chance of spreading the coronavirus, but, also harms our environment adversely. These single-use plastic gloves and masks have become a new form of pollution as these floods our oceans, and cause a threat to our marine life and biodiversity. The government and municipalities have provided us with proper facilities across the city to dispose of these items after use. It is our responsibility to do it in the most appropriate manner, and save one another. We can only overcome this pandemic if we are all in this together. Let’s together fight and curb the pandemic.

From Mr Jerin Sam Jojy


Are you facing a chauvinist at work?

Male chauvinism still prevails rampantly in the corporate world (“Design Diary: How to beat discrimination in the design industry”, Gulf News, July 15). Even as women have broken the shackles and stepped into offices, there continues to exist some chauvinists who still harbour the conceited male ego and superiority complex in their minds. They keenly believe that women are better at handling lesser important tasks, and cannot deal with new ideas, decisions, and managerial level tasks. They degrade her role, and try to shatter a women’s confidence at work, play dirty mind games in order to control and dominate her. Such inflated egos try to hamper the career of women and place a glass ceiling on their growth, advancement and independence.

Such chauvinists might be hostile towards women and non- receptive to her ideas, will conceal important projects from her, or turn a deaf ear whenever she gives a suggestion. Chauvinists are extremely fanatic about the perception that men are meant to be breadwinners. They will usually want their female colleagues to work at subordinate levels, and hate taking orders or suggestions from any female boss. They will make remarks about women being unprofessional at work. Pass spiteful comments for leaving the workplace on time to spend time with her kids, or try other malicious ways to degrade her performance to deride her esteem. Male chauvinists are hunting for such occasions, where they can bring women down asserting that they’re much capable. In worst-case scenarios, they may even resort to filthy politics such as gaslighting and work harassment such as intentional holding back of work.

Refuse to feed their ego, and it is better to ignore such people, rather than wasting your energy to change their minds. Be vigilant, and do not let your confidence be bogged down by anything. Let your work and achievements speak for you and be firm in your approach. Let your priority be your work and starve off their egoistic authority over you. The chauvinists become jealous or insecure of a fast learning and performing women in the office, and hence, will always be on the lookout of some incident to bring her down. Be in charge of your emotions, and do not bat an eyelid in case of any untoward happening in your office.

Of course, do not let such biased chauvinists suppress your growth. Express your concerns, feelings and seek support from a trusted colleague. If there is no one in the management paying heed to your grievances, lady, it is time to bid goodbye to that organisation. Start searching for better opportunities. Move on, flourish, and enjoy with your family. Never let a job undermine your health and happiness.

Also, understand the fact that not all men are the same, and hence, it is necessary not to generalise and have a negative or hateful mindset towards all the men around you. Once dignity to all kinds of work is established, and women are given their rightful place, probably, chauvinism will not see the light of day.

From Ms Alvina Clara


Renowned Urdu poet Rahat Indori dies of COVID-19

The demise of eminent Urdu poet and lyricist Rahat Indori is an irreparable loss to the contemporary world of Urdu poetry and society at large (“Renowned Urdu poet Rahat Indori dies of COVID-19”, Gulf News, August 11). He was a scholar of repute, professor of Urdu, and a painter who had taken part in numerous Urdu Mushairas (poetic symposium), in India and abroad, especially in countries where there is a large expatriate population of Urdu speaking Indians.

Indori was one of the celebrated poets of the era, people used to flock in huge numbers to attend his Mushairas, and he ruled the heart of millions with his poetry. His unique style of reciting poetry was different and flawless. He had enthralled Bollywood fans with some of his memorable songs like 'Neend churai meri’ from the Hindi movie Ishq, 'Koi jaye to le aye’ from Ghatak, and 'Chori chori jab nazre mili' in the movie Kareeb. His legendary work will live on and inspire the generation of people. His demise makes an end of an era in Urdu poetry.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani

Bangalore, India

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