Global Warming
Global Warming Image Credit: Vijith Pulikkarl/Gulf News

Global warming alters climate

Learning that global warming alters climate is concerning, leading to high temperatures worldwide (“Our planet is on fire”, Gulf News, July 19). Currently, I am on vacation in Canada, where temperatures are soaring and forest fires have been reported. Scientists predict that in 2023, there will be a record-high temperature increase of 1.5°C from the pre-industrial era, the highest in 100 years. In the Paris Climate Change Summit, all governments agreed to reduce CO₂ (carbon dioxide) emissions and maintain an average global temperature rise of 1.5°C or less. It’s important to recognise and observe Earth Hour annually in order to raise awareness about the need to reduce carbon emissions. Every country should take similar measures to combat the factors contributing to rising temperatures, such as deforestation and carbon emissions. It is crucial for us to transition towards renewable energy and strive for sustainable development. Regardless of our location, we are all responsible for protecting our planet from the effects of climate change. Scientists warn that if we do not control the destructive activities that threaten our planet’s existence, all living organisms, including plants, will perish. Let us come together to create a better environment for future generations to thrive in.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Severe weather patterns across the globe

It is disconcerting to learn that certain regions are experiencing severe weather conditions like heavy rainfall and floods while others are facing extreme heat waves and droughts. Climate change is the underlying cause of these events, and it poses a significant threat to our world, affecting various aspects of our lives across the globe. If we do not take collective action, the impacts of climate change will intensify. Governments and concerned authorities are doing their part, but we must also take individual responsibility. Everyone can contribute to limiting climate change by taking small steps in our homes and workplaces to conserve energy, using water responsibly, practising the 3Rs (reuse, recycle, reduce), and adopting a minimalist approach to shopping and eating. Let us all do our part to protect our planet, which is the only one we have.

From Mr Kaunain Shahidi


India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission

India has set its sights on exploring the mysteries of the moon and making advancements in the field of space exploration (“India readies moon mission aimed to stake claim as a space power”, Gulf News, July 13). With Chandrayaan-3, India showcases its determination and commitment to uncover the secrets of the moon. The project is a result of decades of hard work by India’s scientific community since the country’s space programme’s inception in 1962, culminating in the creation of ISRO in 1969.

Chandrayaan-3 is India’s third lunar mission, following the successful Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 missions. The mission aims to achieve a soft landing on the moon’s surface and deploy a rover to conduct experiments and gather data on the moon’s geology, mineralogy, and exosphere. The data collected will contribute to our understanding of the moon’s origin and evolution and help advance our knowledge of the universe. India’s space exploration efforts have been a source of pride for the country, and Chandrayaan-3 is a testament to its commitment to scientific progress. With careful planning and robust designs, Chandrayaan-3 brings India one step closer to landing on the moon and unlocking its hidden secrets.

From Mr Jubel D’Cruz

Mumbai, India

India’s Lunar mission

The successful launch of India’s Lunar mission, Chandrayan-3, is truly a remarkable achievement that warrants celebration. This mission is expected to shed more light on the existence of water on the moon, which could make it a viable option for human habitation in the future. I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the brilliant minds at the Indian Space Research Organization for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of 1.4 billion people. Their dedication and hard work have paid off, and this momentous achievement is a testament to their expertise and ingenuity in the field of space exploration.

From Mr Hari Shankar


Tribute to Oommen Chandy

We have lost a well-loved and humble leader in the passing of veteran congress member Oommen Chandy (“Former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy dies at 79”, Gulf News, July 18). He devoted his entire life to serving the public and touched the lives of many. Throughout his career, he maintained harmonious relationships with leaders from various social, political, cultural, and religious backgrounds in the state of Kerala. He was known for his simplicity and dedication to serving the people. As an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), he would travel using public transport across the state until he became the chief minister of Kerala. He was a true leader, drawing crowds to his speeches at public meetings. Despite his high position, he always remained approachable and eager to listen to people’s grievances. Chandy served as an MLA for half a century from the same constituency of Puthuppally, a record twelve times. He also served as the chief minister of Kerala twice, from 2004-2006 and 2011-2016. Despite his popularity, he never sought national political office and remained a faithful servant to the people of Kerala. He maintained close ties with the Congress’s central leadership. Despite being the subject of much criticism in his later years, Chandy never spoke ill of anyone and never intentionally hurt anyone. His visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to public service left an indelible mark on the nation’s political landscape. His legacy will inspire a new generation of leaders for years to come. Rest in peace, Oommen Chandy.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani


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