20230903 Sultan Al Neyadi
The Emirati astronaut achieved success in scientific experiments in cooperation with 25 local and international universities and 10 international space agencies. Image Credit: WAM

Al Neyadi: Superman of UAE

I am a 10-year-old student from Sharjah (“Hero’s welcome for Al Neyadi - who has set eyes on Moon”, Gulf News, September 18). I am writing to express how you have inspired me and many other kids to look at outer space with awe. I want to be like ‘Sultan’ as I like science and technology. His expedition was very interesting. I like gadgets and technology, so working on those spaceships would be really fun for me. I would really enjoy it. I am just imagining how fun it would be to float around, with gravity being so low and taking pictures of Earth by my window. It is fascinating beyond words. I can’t imagine sleeping by the stars and studying them at the same time. It was heartwarming to see how Mecca and Medina look from space. I loved how honey jiggles like slime on toast in space, how water floats like pearls, and how you brew coffee in style. Zero gravity looks cool as you float around. Marshal arts in zero gravity looks fascinating. Wonder what the punch force would look like? International Space Station Salon is the most mess free salon I have ever seen. Thank you for doing all the experiments and studying for our future. I don’t know if I want to be an astronaut, but I would love to be in space and explore. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to see and feel space from your eyes. You are a true hero. Welcome back.

From Mr Rohail Irfan Ahmed


Welcome back, Sultan!

The homecoming of Sultan Al Neyadi made everyone proud (“Marhaba Sultan of Space: UAE salutes its space hero astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi on his homecoming”, Gulf News, September 19). Encouraging the next generation to pursue space technology is vital to the UAE’s investment in the future. Let’s inspire the youth to reach for the stars and continue to advance their aspirations in this field. Sultan Al Neyadi’s safe return from space has sparked an important question: how can we truly make use of space technology? As the UAE continues to dream big and prioritise space exploration, it’s crucial to consider the commercial viability and potential for development in various arenas. Let’s explore the possibilities and make the most out of this exciting frontier.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


UAE’s tireless pursuit of excellence

The recent celebration in the United Arab Emirates to honour Sultan Al Neyadi’s triumphant return from a challenging six-month space mission is a testament to the values of dedication, perseverance, and strength (“Sultan Al Neyadi showed us what’s beyond the stars in the desert night sky”, Gulf News, September 18). This event illustrates why certain countries need to catch up in progress while younger generations in other countries like the UAE are achieving great things. The solution is simple and can be a learning moment if we follow the UAE’s visionary leadership examples. The leaders of this country prioritise their people’s welfare without reservation or self-interest, as evident in their daily actions. They aspire to achieve countless initiatives and deliver on that promise every day.

The United Arab Emirates is an outstanding model for success that other countries can admire and follow. The leaders of the UAE have a solid commitment to achieving remarkable feats, not only for the present but also for the future. They are not discouraged by minor obstacles and are resolved to succeed. They are forward-thinking, creative, and outcome-driven, aiming to achieve their objectives. Their unwavering dedication to progress and development has made them a beacon of hope for the region, and their efforts are truly admirable. The UAE is undoubtedly a leading nation in the Middle East, and its growth and success serve as a reminder of what can be achieved through visionary leadership and a tireless pursuit of excellence. If every nation on this planet follows the UAE’s leadership formula, the world would be much better, full of positive engagement, peace, and prosperity.

From Aimen Azara


Women’s reservation Bill gets Indian Parliament’s seal

It was a revolutionary move to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill by the lower house of the Indian Parliament. Reports say that this bill was tabled 27 years ago but couldn’t make it as law. It’s encouraging that 33 per cent reservation will boost women’s representation in Parliament and State assemblies. As a girl, I hope that more voices will be heard and our issues can be addressed. I hope this law will be implemented without delay.

From Ms Rhea Eappen


Cricket: Asia Cup 2023 finals

Kudos to the Indian cricket team for decimating the Sri Lankan team in the Asia Cup for just 50 runs and winning the finals by 10 wickets. The day belonged to the pace bowlers, especially Mohammed Siraj, who had a dream spell of six for 21 runs in six overs. Then Hardik Pandya joined the party to polish the tail with three for three runs to bundle out Sri Lanka for 50 runs. This is undoubtedly a moral victory for next month’s One Day International (ODI) World Cup. But still, the Indian team should not get complacent as this Sri Lanka team could be a different force. Well done, team India.

From Mr Ayush Srikanth


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