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Proud moment for UAE

The safe return of Sultan Al-Neyadi is a moment of great pride for the UAE and the entire Gulf region (‘How UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi’s space experiments will benefit mankind”, Gulf News, September 4). It has been captivating to witness his journey back to Earth, particularly for the younger generation. It is astounding to see how science and technology have enabled us to explore space, inspiring new concepts and innovations. Sultan Al-Neyadi’s experiment embodies strength, perseverance, and qualities that will motivate young people to turn impossible ideas into reality in modern life. I eagerly anticipate his insights, which are sure to be valuable. I wish the younger generation all the best as they aspire to reach for the stars.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Al Neyadi’s historic space mission

It fills us with immense pride and joy to acknowledge the remarkable achievement of Sultan Al Neyadi (“Sultan Al Neyadi’s homecoming is a triumph for the UAE”, Gulf News, September 5). His outstanding feat puts the UAE in the spotlight and shines a positive light on the entire Arab World. As per the report published in Gulf News, his mission in space serves as a testament to the UAE’s unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement. As proud residents of this great nation, we are deeply honoured to witness this historic moment. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the visionary leaders who played a pivotal role in making it a reality. I wish all the best to our brilliant star and the nation’s steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries of space science.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Cricket: ‘Asia Cup 2023 Super 4’

Congratulations to the Indian cricket team for their win over Nepal and entering the ‘Asia Cup Super 4’ (“Asia Cup: All eyes on Hardik Pandya in his new role on big stage”, Gulf News, August 29). No doubt, the team conquered the minnows by ten wickets. Still, the victory was less anticipated by many, including the Indian cricketers themselves. The players were sloppy on the field, even before the start of rain. The less said about their ground fielding, the leaking runs is better. Indian bowlers missed catches and allowed Nepal’s openers to establish a strong start during the first power play. Thankfully, Ravindra Jadeja accounted for three wickets to arrest their progress to 101 runs for 4. Still, they managed to post a healthy target of 231 runs, which was pruned to 147 runs in 23 overs under D/L method (a mathematical system employed to calculate target scores and reach outcomes in rain-shortened limited-overs matches), which our openers achieved without any issues. Before entering the field, players must ensure confidence to avoid mishaps that could hinder progress in the Asia Cup Tournament. As the crucial World Cup Tournament approaches, it’s time for the coach to focus on honing their team’s fielding skills.

From Mr N Mahadevan


Crime in movies

My recent experience watching the movie ‘Jailer’ was quite disappointing. The film fails to convey any positive message or provide entertainment value. The antagonist in the movie subjected victims to horrific acts. The portrayal was both disturbing and unacceptable.

If film directors continue to promote such violent and criminal scenes, it only perpetuates crime in society. Actors need to urge writers to create scripts that discourage criminal behaviour. In the past, memorable villains never engaged in such despicable acts, and no one had complaints about them. Good cinema has always been a platform for conveying positive messages to the public, which is what Indian cinema has historically stood for. Cinemas should provide family-friendly entertainment that can be enjoyed with loved ones.

From Mr K P Yoosuf


The US Open Tennis

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the third-round match of the US Open between Ons Jabeur and Marie Bouzková. Although I have a soft spot for Jabeur, who always maintains a cool attitude, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Bouzková. She played exceptionally well and deserved to progress to the fourth round. Despite her injuries, she fought tooth and nail to take the second set to a tie-breaker, which she unfortunately lost by a small margin. Even though she struggled to move around the court, she fought bravely until the end. She fought until the last point despite the eventual loss in the third and deciding set. Bouzková won the hearts of many spectators with her determination and skill. Now that Jabeur has advanced to the fourth round, I hope she will work on reducing her unforced errors and continue to improve her game. I also want to congratulate Novak Djokovic, who made an impressive comeback from being two sets down to win the match in five sets. He is a true champion, and I wish him all the best in his upcoming games as he aims to win his 24th Grand Slam trophy and set a new world record.

From Ms Siya Vinay


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