People will always remember their sacrifice

I deeply respect and honour those great people who sacrificed their lives while performing a humanitarian duty and helping the needy people of Afghanistan on behalf of the UAE authorities (‘Facebook video: The moment of arrival as bodies of Emiratis martyred in Afghanistan return home’, Gulf News, January 14). People will always remember their sacrifice. Though they are no longer with us, their work is unforgettable, as they not only live by their name, but also by their deeds. May God rest their souls in heaven.

From Mr Ashfaq Falasi


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Helped our poor nation

As an Afghan, their blood is a loan on us because they have helped our poor nation. Unfortunately, they were martyred when they shouldn’t have had to die. We, the nation of Afghanistan, salute them. Their family showed that they accept the way Islam guides us and that is humanity. Once again, our sincere and humble love is with them. I pray that whoever was behind this that God will be ashamed of them in this world and punish them on the Day of Judgement.

From Mr Ihsan Ullah


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Killing innocents

It’s very sad to know that five Emiratis have lost their lives in a terror attack and they were engaged in humanitarian work in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Terrorism in any form cannot be justified and no religion will teach us to kill innocent people. May God give strength to the families of the deceased to overcome the grief.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Don’t be deterred

It was quite a strange and upsetting strike to see UAE aid workers killed. It is obvious that people cannot accept such violence, as human aggressiveness is seen on the rise in recent times. The UAE has been striving for development in every aspect of life.

In reality, the Kandahar attack is not on the UAE, but against humanity and whichever countries involved in aid work in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the conflict-hit countries. The sad part is that despite the world being so developed and advanced in countering such threats, the increasing violence is a real concern for everyone. This lapse needs to be addressed for which all hands need to be joined together and work unanimously. There should not be any going back from this agenda.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Many questions

It is Afghanistan’s government’s responsibility to give security to diplomats. Why wasn’t the government able to provide proper safety and security to the diplomatic staff? It is a lack of security. I think that the Afghanistan government’s security staff should be questioned about this great loss of life.

From Mr Abdul Majeed


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Pray for peace

We salute these martyrs and offer condolences to their families. Their bravery and concern for humanity is the best example for all of us. They and others like them are role models for us. We pray for peace in the world.

From Ms Syeda Ahmad


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Bravery and humanity

We salute these martyrs. Condolences to their families. Their bravery and concern for humanity is the best example for all of us. They and others like them are role models for us. We pray for peace in the world.

From Mr Mohammad Abdul Saleem Siddiqui


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Prayers for full recovery

It’s an extremely sad and tragic incident. I express my deep sympathies to the UAE Ambassador, diplomats and Afghan governor of Kandahar. God bless them and a full recovery from their injuries.

From Mr Mohammad Zia Al Deen


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Saying goodbye

The report about the 30-year-old Sana Building being demolished makes me sad (‘Dubai’s landmark ‘Sana Building’ to be pulled down’, Gulf News, January 12). When I was working in Dubai, I had been a regular visitor in this building. It was well known among the public because of the presence of the Sana fashions. It is like I bid goodbye to my old good friend. At the same time, it makes me happy to hear that it will be replaced by a 35-storey twin tower with a massive shopping centre on the ground floor. With a lot of lively memories, I bid goodbye to my dear friend.

From Mr Sunny Joseph

Mala, India

Don’t use fake parts

Fake auto spare parts confiscation in Al Ain by the Abu Dhabi authorities shows the willpower to eradicate malpractices by some unscrupulous residents (‘500,000 fake auto spare parts confiscated’, Gulf News, January 11). The seized spare parts should be destroyed and the individuals should be severely punished or put behind bars. Whatever the authorities’ expenses that were incurred should also be accounted and collected from this individual.

Residents should always go for the original spare parts from the authorised dealers only. We do not know the difference between fake spare parts and it could lead to a fatal accident. If noticed, any dealer offers fake goods with discounted prices compared to the original parts should be boycotted outright and brought to the notice of the authorities immediately.

From Mr M. K. Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

I was enraged!

The Indian Army holds a lot of honour and pride in my heart (‘Soldiers must raise issues internally: Army Chief’, Gulf News, January 14). They are respected not only when they are alive, but also when they die. The amount of respect and honour that the soldiers receive when they are martyred overwhelms me. I aspired to be a part of the military and to render services to my country, but after reading the news about the poor food conditions, I was deeply saddened and enraged. After this revelation, the question of the hour is when will the corruption end?

From Mr Nazmi Irshad


Wishing him the best

Gulf News has aptly analysed the five vital factors that will make Virat Kohli’s job easier (‘Five Factors which may make Kohli’s job easier’, Gulf News, January 15). Unlike Sachin Tendulkar, who could not handle extra pressure as India’s cricket captain, Kohli has definitely bolstered his image by his phenomenal batting averages, especially during the Test series.

Yes, he is leading by example and is blessed to have young talented players to scale higher in all formats of the game. We wish him the best as captain in all three formats of cricket.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Mylapore, India

Trump will change

The brilliant leadership of US President Barack Obama is coming to an end tomorrow (‘Fundamental challenges in Trumpworld’, Gulf News, January 15). He has taken many very bold decisions both internally for the welfare of Americans and also on an international level. His oratorship, statesmanship, public speaking and highly balanced approach shall always remain in the minds of people around the world for all times to come. His foreign policy and diplomatic relationship in the world over has been found to be highly balanced, timely and need based.

The statements have been made by the president-elect Donald Trump, as well as his team, seem to be loose, irresponsible, unthoughtful and were found to be quite imbalanced. They are considered to be more of political in nature than administratively feasible. His flamboyant style is likely to be checked while he actually takes the presidential oath of the strongest economy of the world.

Surely, the style and approach of Trump is drastically going to change after he actually takes the position, shoulders the responsibility and the onus of decision making actually lies on him.

From Mr K. Singhal


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