Be aware RTA
The Salik toll gate at the fourth interchange is a place where the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) should focus more. Drivers do not remain in their lanes and cut into other lanes at high speeds. Sometimes, after missing the last exit they pull over to the hard shoulder and reverse to take the exit. Vertical road dividers and cameras should be placed to catch vehicles reversing on the highway.
From Mr Jaideep Khemani

Point of view
Indian Congress party president Sonia Gandhi said that the people opposing the country's nuclear deal with the US are "enemies of Congress" and "enemies of peace and development" ("Sonia defends nuclear deal", Gulf News, October 8). If any entity or person opposes the Congress on any issue, it can also be for the good of India. The opposition to the current nuclear deal has come from political, social, scientific and intellectual quarters of India. The scientific quarter of India, which has been directly involved in its nuclear programme since its inception, has opposed it in its present form. India is a democracy and so it is the duty of the government to convince the parliament and the people.
From Mr Mohammad Abdul Aleem
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Respectful silence
There are some people who do not switch off their mobiles no matter where they are, even if they are praying. While I can understand that they may have important calls, they could at least respect the other people who are praying by using tones that are neutral. There are some who use songs or tones that are inappropriate in a place of worship.
From Mr Nasar Usmani
Gulf News Reader's Club member

I'm an American-born Muslim convert who lives in the UAE, and I really think that many people missed the point of the movie The Kingdom ("Arabs again portrayed as the usual suspects", Gulf News, October 9). It was not about terrorism, this was the storyline used because of the socio-political chaos that is presently preoccupying the world. The movie was actually about people from two different ways of life learning to get past the otherness and cultural stereotypes.
From Mr Ali Abdullah

Bad people
I think the Arab community should count itself lucky. The British have been the "bad guys" in most US action films.
From Mr Keith
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Hollywood has no film in praise of the Arab/Muslim community in store. Same story with a different name - it is boring and does not appeal even to the likes of me who studied in the UK and the US. American stereotyping at its best!
From Mr Wael
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Irresponsible behaviour
The stereotyping of Arab people in Hollywood has a tremendous impact on the world's view of the Middle East. Hollywood movies have the largest reach compared to any form of media and so they should exhibit a higher degree of responsibility in their movies.
From Mr Panseet
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No awards
I watched The Kingdom and it is simply another American hero versus Arab terrorist movie. Nothing unexpected from an American action movie. I did enjoy it. Yes, there are characters and maybe two phrases in the entire movie that condemns terror by an Arab, but the movie still portrays Arabs as terrorists! I highly doubt that this movie will win any awards!
From Mr Kais
Arizona, USA
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Waste of time
I never watch such movies that insult the audience's intelligence. They are an absolute waste of precious time and hard-earned money.
From Mr Elias
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As a Sunni Lebanese from Abu Samra in Tripoli, The Kingdom impressed me. I did not see any significant dramatisation in it.
From Mr Abdullah
Tripoli, Lebanon
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Good rating
Hold on to your seats and do not even think of moving in the last 30 minutes of the movie. I rate it 8.5 out of 10. The movie does show Arabs as villains but also shows them as the good guys. Since I am a Muslim myself, I got pretty mad watching the movie but then there is some truth to the story.
From Mr Emaad
Oakville, Canada

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No charity
I was dismayed at the reactions my daughter and her friends received when they tried asking our neighbours to donate for the Dubai Cares campaign.

They had received the booklets from their school and when they went around, most of the people refused to contribute. It is a shame that some people are not participating in the spirit of giving.
From A Reader
Name withheld by request

Preserving culture
A six-year plan to reverse "culture erosion" in the GCC with a residency cap does not seem logical. While the countries should preserve their heritage, they should not deport the expatriates living there. There is a great amount of co-dependence between the nationals and expatriates, so it would not be helpful to either one if this plan were to be executed.
From Mr Syed Mohiuddin