Not just another statistic

When something like this happens we remember the Delhi ‘Nirbhaya’ case (“Zainab’s case sparks panic and mob violence in Pakistan”, Gulf News, January 13). That happened five years ago, but since then, nothing has changed. Harsher and quick punishment is all that is required. These rapists just don’t emerge one day, they have patterns that can be identified. The problems need to be nipped in the bud. There should be zero tolerance towards eve teasing and sexual assault of the smallest nature. For these useless persons, India is losing bright young women. I am not politicising this but the point is that Indians need to prioritise what really matters and think beyond religion. If nothing is done, our daughters will just become statistics, irrespective of which caste they belong to.

From Mr Mahnaaz Shaikh


Where is the action?

The continuing attacks on minors and women are painful, and I keep wondering why such cases are repeating themselves. Law and order must improve and the judiciary must act quickly on such incidents. One cannot forget the Delhi incident, which happened some years ago. Similar instances continue to happen. The poor continue to be exploited by the rich and the latter powerful remains stronger and stronger. While the society stages protest and agitations on issues that have least importance, politics plays a major role and influences everything. When elected members have criminal backgrounds, how can the common man expect justice? An overhaul of the judiciary and the administrative system is the need of the hour. Illiteracy is another cause to be blamed for unfortunate incidents of this kind.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair

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Politicians don’t listen

When I hear such cases, my heart physically hurts. I don’t know how some people have the urge to hurt others. It is appalling and disturbing. I feel bad for the families that have to go through the grief of burying a loved one. I don’t know what our governments are doing, both in India and Pakistan? How can we spend so much time arguing about religion and beef and things that don’t matter? Can they not see the plight of women? No matter how much people protest, cry and hold candle-march vigils, these politicians will not listen. They get a seat in parliament only to sleep!

From Ms Ritu Kapoor


A rundown of the game

On day three of the South Africa versus India cricket test match, in the last session, rain stopped play. Nature in the form of rain interferes with the game and becomes a villain? How will this impact the game? Indian Captain Virat Kohli is quite excited after his magnificent 152 score, even though India was all out for 307 runs, just 28 runs short of South Africa’s score of 335 in the first innings. Obviously, the ground is wet but playable, as the umpires have decided to proceed with the game. The ball becomes somewhat damp forcing Kohli to press for the pace attack as Ravichandran Ashwin is unable to hold the slippery ball and spin. The matter is brought before the umpires who plead helpless and ask to continue with the game. Now, is the umpire the villain here? Immediately thereafter cricketer AB de Villiers is facing the pace attack of Jasprit Bumrah and finds it quite difficult to face. Naturally, Kohli is again agitated and surprised at the stop of the play due to bad light. Finding his team disadvantaged as his pace bowlers were doing well and posing a problem for the South African batsmen. Now the Indian Cricket Council (ICC) has seen it all and we have to see how the story unfolds.

From Mr K.V. Chidambaram


Not good advice

In reference to Mr. Swaminathan Gurumurthy’s advice to the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), to have an alliance with Rajanikanth in Tamil Nadu, there are many who are against Rajanikanth and his ‘spiritual politics’, branding him as a BJP candidate. If he takes the advice of Gurumurthy, to ally with BJP, people will brand him as a promoter of ‘Hindutva;. Hence I feel it would be prudent on his part to skirt this alliance issue and to form his own party to contest all the 234 seats, and to reign over Tamil Nadu.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

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