Loneliness is taken lightly

The UK Government has shown great foresight in appointing a Minister of Loneliness, to deal with this emerging issue. Increasingly, young people across the world are chasing careers (“Letters: Depressed and lonely”, Gulf News, January 27). They do not have time to build relationships. Advances in medical sciences have improved the longevity of human life. However, as age advances, everyone gets lonely in some measure. This could lead to depression, illnesses and even premature death. So, it is wise to start tackling the issue early. Our society should develop support systems for the old and unwell. An aged acquaintance of mine in London, gets weekly visits from social workers, who just come and chat with him, to prevent him from become melancholic. The government of UAE has appointed a Minister for Happiness, to ensure that citizens are happy, since happiness contributes to mental peace and a longer life. In developing countries like India, we are far away from such welfare measures, but some initiative should be made by the government. We must ensure some old-age pensions to the aged and sick, who have nobody to support them. The Joint family system is gradually eroding. So elders in the family feel neglected and ignored.

From Mr Rajendra Aneja


Award and ceremonies

The list of recipients for the Indian Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan awards was announced and it is laudable (“Padma award winners: Thinker, bishop, tribal healer”, Gulf News, January 26). In his sensitive and thankful speech, music master Ilaiyaraaja thanked the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for choosing him from the state of Tamil Nadu. Other prominent Sports personalities like former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kidambi Srikanth and many others are being honoured with the Padma Bhushan award. Indeed, it was a great honour to Music Director Ilaya raja who has created a big impact in village folk songs with his magical music Hindustani classical. Musician Ghulam Mustafa Khan and thinker Parmeswaran were also on the list.

From Mr K.Ragavan


Care free and car free!

The ninth edition of the car-free day is on February 4, and more people are expected to participate in this event (60,000 cars to be off road in four emirates, Gulf News, January 25, 2018). I have participated in this event all these years and support the cause. For me, it is less than two kilometres to work from home. This campaign will attract more people to use public transport. Carpooling will also keep a number of vehicles off the road and can reduce carbon emission. When we all talk about climate change we should set role models for others wherever possible. Let’s plant more trees and save this beautiful earth.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Stricter laws in place

It appears that India is becoming prone to the epidemic of rape (“10-year-old girl dies after rape in Bihar”, Gulf News, January 25). The raping of young girls has become rampant. There is always a hue and cry that follows such an incident, but it is then followed by pin drop silence and insensitivity. There are a lot of reasons that give culprits the courage to commit such crimes. Negligence on the part of the law enforcing authorities and the lack of effective and stern laws is the reason for this. Capital punishment should be given to rapists. There is little or no hope that such heinous crimes would get eliminated, unless such laws are adopted. Harsh laws alone inculcate a sense of fear and provide peace, safety, harmony and tranquillity.

From Mr Abdul Mateen


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