Abu Dhabi’s skyline at sunset. Image Credit: Shutterstock

UAE is role model of tolerance, coexistence, and peace

The UAE has been a long-standing epitome of tolerance and peace (UAE-Israel peace accord: Abdullah bin Zayed heads delegation to US”, Gulf News, September 09). The country offers millions of expatriates stability and security, apart from respect towards their religious sentiments. This great value of tolerance permeates the UAE's dealing between different nations, cultures, religions and peoples.

Salute to the leaders for their deep-rooted and benevolent values that are embedded in the structure of the UAE states and society. Even a slight conflict is never given leeway and snubbed at the inception, there is zero tolerance to extremism. And, religious tolerance is the norm.

The UAE has always been a peaceful oasis where hundreds of nationalities, cultures and religions coexist. Every nationality is given the freedom to practice their religion with no bias or discrimination. Due to this, many expats are so comfortable and blessed to have the UAE as their second home. The culture of love, peace, coexistence and security is their very DNA, and any intolerance is seriously objected and looked down upon. Even the women in the country feel so safe and respected.

The leadership of the UAE is guided by a high degree of compassion and empathy, which should be a benchmark for all nations to emulate and follow all over. Whatever the crisis, the UAE leaders have stepped forward to provide help and solace to those in distress. The UAE government has put good governance into place and has left no stone unturned in improving the lives of the residents.

Emiratis are extremely helpful, humble and welcome people openly. Their hospitality is amazing, and this is due to the strong virtues they carry wherever they go. My family and I have been happy and truly proud to be residing in this amazing country, and warmly cherish the experiences we have had here. Trusting on the leadership and the beauty of the Emirati nation, I am sure the future is very positive, hopeful and forward-looking for the people of this country.

From Ms Alvina Clara


UAE: My home away from home

More than two decades, I spent the best years of my life in the UAE. It was my home away from home. But I'm leaving. I would have a strange sense of peace, the moment, I boarded a flight back to UAE. In the course of my career, thanks to my company, I had the fortune to travel to most parts of the world. But believe me, no place like UAE. My wife and daughter can go for a walk at night, without fear—the safest country in the world. The accord with Israel, speaks volumes of the farsightedness and love for peace. It takes courage with conviction to make such a decision. I firmly believe that the Nobel prize for peace should be bestowed on the UAE, especially to the leaders. God be with you all. Long live UAE.

From Mr PNK Menon


Environmental impact of COVID-19

There is no uncertainty that the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the economy and life in general. But, individuals are impacting the environment by the improper disposal of masks and hand gloves, which is a colossal danger to general wellbeing. Discarding masks in seas and other water bodies is problematic for marine life. The UAE government takes great measures to keep this from happening, by having municipal workers tidy up our surroundings. However, the public needs to be more mindful regarding this issue. Together we can roll out an improvement.

From Delaine Ferns

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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