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Appreciation for taxi drivers

I got delighted to read about the news that Dubai's Road Transport Authority (RTA) will soon replace the word "taxi" (on top of the taxi) with the name of the driver (“Video: Dubai’s RTA launches #WhosYourCabbie campaign”, Gulf News, April 16). Appreciation is an excellent tool to encourage any good work done by anyone, which is also a driving force to continue the good deeds. These people are working behind the wheels during the pandemic, they stand by us, a great help around the clock for all of us. Whenever I hail a taxi, I make sure that I talk to them. Once my nephew got back his lost mobile which he had forgotten in a taxi. He appreciated it when we sent him back to the US as the driver returned it to a police station. They are our true heroes and deserve this appreciation. Working different shifts of day and night, we see life on roads due to these drivers. Dubai is always striving to be the best city in terms of technology and humanity. And for a progressive nation like the UAE, humanity and kindness always comes first.

From Mr Niamat Karmally


Ramadan: A month of blessings and giving

So, here comes Ramadan, a month to fast (“Ramadan — a time of grace and spiritual fervor”, Gulf News, April 22). The first thought that comes to mind when we say Ramadan is fasting and, in the evening, ending the fast with rich and delicious food like samosas, pakoras, sweets, and whatnot. The entire day's stress and hunger are satisfied with various delicacies and juices in the evening. It brings a smile and satisfaction. But what is the purpose of this fasting? It is said that fasting detoxifies our body. It is one of the best ways to detoxify our entire system. Agreed. The word Ramadan itself means to burn. To burn the unwanted toxins carried and stored in our body. It is the month to rejuvenate ourselves and improve our health. Not only does it detoxify our body, but it also helps us to enhance our willpower and faith. Imagine food is in front of us, stomach empty, yet if we do not touch it, it needs a lot of determination and devotion. It teaches us discipline. But, just detoxifying the body is not the purpose. It is the way we feel empathy towards others. It is said that we learn things when we experience them. It is a known fact that some of us are abundantly blessed while others are not. When we are blessed copiously, we are usually less sympathetic towards others. How many times do we not waste food at parties? Do we realise that the food we are wasting is the food that would keep so many alive? By remaining hungry for long hours of the day, we can understand the condition of those less fortunate. We can comprehend the plight of the people who are hungry and thirsty in the hot sultry sun. We are usually very insensitive towards the use of water. We waste water like it is not valuable at all. There are so many countries in the world where water is something to die for. People die due to thirst. But when can’t drink it as required, we are less oblivious of it. The purpose of Ramadan is not to remain hungry for long hours and then devour the food in front of us. It is the month to feel empathetic towards the needy. So, let us not make it a month to eat. Let us eat energetic and nutritious food. Let us learn to live Ramadan as it should be lived. It is the month we need to remain away from anger, ego, pride, and falsehood. It is the month to give. It teaches us that sharing is caring. Finally, I would like to say that this month is like a training month. Like how the soldiers are given strict training so that they can lead any task easily, in the same way, this month provides us with the training to lead a happy life ahead. One month of hardship will make eleven months easy to lead with empathy, love, discipline, and positivity. Let us all avail the essence of this month and pray that we learn all the month's positivity.

From Ms Noor Tabassum

Fujairah, UAE

Chennai super kings v Rajasthan Royals

Kudos to MS Dhoni’s team for winning the match against young Rajasthan Royals to go up the point table. No doubt Dhoni had an easy victory against the depleted Rajasthan Royals team, but some areas require attention. No doubt he is supportive of Gaikward failure in three matches. But still, it is time to try out Robin Uthappa in the opening slot and even bring in the Test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara in place of struggling Ambati Rayadu. The return of Jadeja and the buy of Moen Ali proved to be a boon to Chennai Super Kings (CSK), as in Glen Maxwell for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). I hope they keep up this tempo and qualify for the playoff as usual.

From Mr N Viswanathan

Tamil Nadu, India

India: Sharp rise in COVID-19 cases

It is shocking to know about the alarming increase in coronavirus cases in India (“Why India is shattering global COVID-19 infection records”, Gulf News, April 22). Ironically, India's active cases have doubled during the past ten days. Despite all these, some of our political leaders have not mended their ways. And they continue to conduct meetings to hoodwink the voters and spread the coronavirus. It won't be a surprise if the surge increases by 500 to 600 per cent after the announcement of election results in May, when the winners would have multiple meetings, with all fanfare in their constituencies. The government that has banned festivities in religious places will be bold and wise enough to ban such celebrations? It will be better if our Supreme Court takes some action. Though our government is taking steps to widen the vaccination availability, there is a fear of shortage of immunisation, which may stall the second jab to frontline workers and even senior citizens. There is a fear of jacking up the prices too in private hospitals. Of course, it is going to be a Herculean task for central and state governments to protect every citizen who has to take care of themselves by staying at home and observing the COVID-19 norms when they go out and be safe.

From Mr N Mahadevan


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