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The coronavirus epidemic

The last two months has seen a cut down on air travel around the globe, because of the coronavirus outbreak ("Coronavirus: Has your UAE event been cancelled or postponed?",, March 2).

In Europe and the Middle East, where key airlines dominate the skies, measures have been taken to cancel and divert flights, with more cases being reported. Many of them have given their staff work-from-home or unpaid voluntary leaves to prevent the spread of infection.

Most of the airlines have already been warned of the slump that they'll face while reporting their annual incomes.

With this, there is an increased upheaval in the travel health sector. More people have recognised the need for hand and respiratory hygiene, flu vaccinations and other basic things that were taken for granted. Altogether, this circus of Covid-19 has affected everyone badly in some way or the other, from crashing markets to being unable to travel, it will definitely take some time to get things back to before. All we can do is to stay safe and hope for the best to come.

From Ms Shubhangi Somnath Patil

Kolhapur, India

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A man speaks with security personnel as they stand guard at Ghonda Chowk after the following clashes broke out between two groups over the new citizenship law, in New Delhi on Thursday. Image Credit: ANI

Delhi riots

I request people to show the truth behind the Delhi riots ("Video: Muslim neighbourhood in Delhi resembles a ghost town after riots",, March 1). They are not Hindu and Muslim clashes, we all live like brothers and sisters. I think this riot was planned and done by members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Both Hindus and Muslim citizens of India were injured and lost their properties, some even their lives, when they tried to protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, peacefully, in a constitutional manner.

From Mr Abdul Raheem


Shame on “digital India”

US President Donald Trump visited India last month. He himself tweets to 10 million people. In India, many gathered at Ahmedabad to welcome him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be wearing expensive jackets and clothes during the meeting. But around the world, pictures of the wall built by Modi to hide the slums in Ahmedabad, went viral. These slums are the monument of three decades of the Modi rule. I’m sure the news reached Trump, whom he was trying to hide this from. Shame on our country for boasting “new India” and a “digital India”, when the state of the country is like this.

From Mr Abdul Rehman


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U.S President Donald Trump, center, shakes hand with Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, right, as First Lady Melania Trump stands at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020. Trump met his Indian counterpart in the capital, amid growing tensions between rival protesters in the capital, with a host of critical issues from defense to regional security on the agenda. Photographer: T. Narayan/Bloomberg Image Credit: Bloomberg

Strong ties

US President Donald Trump’s visit to India has a multilateral significance ("5 takeaways from US President Donald Trump's India trip",, February 24). Besides improving strong cultural ties, it signifies democratic values of two largest democracies in the world, strong defence pacts, bilateral trade and technology. Most importantly, it signifies anti-terrorism move. The personal rapport and chemistry between the two leaders highlights the importance of relationships, confidence and an understanding between two nations. Long live this friendship between India and the US.

From Mr K. K Singhal


Kane Williamson talks to India's Virat Kohli
New Zealand's Kane Williamson talks to India's Virat Kohli after New Zealand beat India in the first Test. Image Credit: REUTERS

Poor performance by Indian cricketers

Congratulations to Kane Williams and his team for their clean sweep of the cricket Test series at Christchurch ("Video: Virat Kohli loses temper at NZ journalist, asks him to ‘come up with better questions'",, March 2). Though the bowlers of the Indian team gave a glimmer of chance to square the series, once again our so called world class batsmen failed to make adequate runs. The biggest challenge faced by our modern cricketers, especially our batsmen, is switching their batting techniques between all formats of the game. Ironically, even our Captain Virat Kohli was found wanting throughout the New Zealand tour. During his 12 innings, he failed to live up to his ranking. So was the case with Arvind Pujara, India’s most dependable batsman, who also gifted his wickets on a platter.

Though cricketer Ravindra Jadeja was gracious enough to admit that the catch he made was by chance, we felt that it could be a turning point to square the Test series. Alas, once again our top order batsmen, gifted their wickets away, to lose the series. But I feel this is the need of the hour. To be frank, for this loss, the selectors of the team should own up to their mistakes. But will they? This loss has once again proved that we are lions only in our own dens.

From Mr T. S. B. Chander,


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