It’s our responsibility

What a touching story (‘Mentally challenged boy’s screams reveal life of abuse’, Gulf News, October 1). My heart goes out to this innocent child who has been deprived of his rights. How could his father bear to see him suffer? I cannot imagine the distressing experience this boy has faced in his life. Children with special needs should be given equal respect, care and love. They should be treated like any other child. Although it is a fact that they might have some inadequate and limited social involvement, we should not restrict them from having the chance to contribute to the community. Family has a great part in ensuring the safety and worth of a child. But it is indeed heart-breaking to know that this family failed to give him a normal life. I think it is vital for the family of this child to learn how to raise a boy with special needs. As a part of the community, it is our duty as well to educate ourselves regarding people with special needs and learn to accept them. I pray for this child to have at least a life where he can prove his worth.

From Ms Gay Marie

Abu Dhabi

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Deprived children

This is totally unacceptable. People with special needs should be treated well, regardless of their situation. We all have the right to live peacefully. I can’t imagine how a father can do such inhumane things. I salute all the non-government organisations that are helping these children. I know that God will bless them in due time.

From A Reader


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You can ask for help

This is to all parents who have children with special needs – please don’t punish them as it is not their fault. If you don’t want them around you then please go to a special institution and ask for help – let them live a life where someone will take care of them and not treat them like animals. They are children with special needs – this makes them special. Please be nice to them or let someone else take care of them.

From Ms Yvonne


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I really don’t understand how a person can do that to another human being, regardless of the relationship they have between them. This is inhumane and the issue should be taken seriously. I hope the boy will overcome this and will be able to live a proper life.

From Mr Vish Singh

Al Ain

Increase flights to Kerala

A similar incident happened to me a couple of weeks ago with Air India Express at Calicut International Airport (‘120 passengers of Muscat-Kochi flight stranded’, Gulf News, October 1). We were stuck at the airport for about four hours after we checked in. Air India has proved to be completely unreliable and inefficient over and over again. I wish that the passengers from Kerala had more options to fly to the Middle East. I think airlines that already fly to Kerala should increase the number of flights to the region.

From Mr Vimal

Abu Dhabi

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Advertisements distract motorists

I would like to point out that some billboards in Dubai distract motorists. Metro pedestrian bridges and interchanges are used to post advertisements on. These are placed on Shaikh Zayed Road and are very distracting. Instead of giving drivers messages about traffic laws, they offer loans and other products – these add to the distraction. I have a humble request to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to kindly remove all distracting advertisements hanging above the main roads in Dubai.

From Mr Shad Mohammad


The right one

The US elections are fast approaching and in the battle for the presidency we have seen nothing new. Candidates are still trying their best to discredit their opponent, make vague policy promises and do their best to pass themselves off as the saviour of the American people. Let’s be honest – what the country really needs is someone who will touch base with the rest of the world and step in when necessary. The people also need a leader who will finally sit down and fix what is broken. The US is no longer the embodiment of the American dream. The white picket fences, now a dirty grey, are peeling, the quaint suburban neighbourhoods are filled with abandoned houses or ones in foreclosure, the shining cities are dull, with crumbling infrastructure, education is poor and employment is at an all time low. What the US really needs is a president who can clean up their own backyard and get back to serving the people he was elected by.

From Ms Gillian Wright

Abu Dhabi

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