Entrepreneurial legacy

The excellent entrepreneurial culture that has emerged in the Middle East must cultivate and support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow (‘Challenge of entrepreneurship in GCC,’ Gulf News, October 10). It is important that the success stories become role models and mentor the coming generations. The transfer of skills and knowledge is one thing, but the transfer and development of virtues is equally if not more important. This must be passed down to continue to cultivate a brilliant entrepreneurial society.

From Mr Paris Norriss


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Let us recycle

As a good human, I am eager to recycle whatever I can and contribute towards keeping our planet green and safe. While visiting the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2012 in January, I was very happy to know that free collection of recyclable materials is available to households. I called my area’s waste collection company and asked for a recycling bin immediately. After a series of phone calls, at last I got the bin last month. At home, all of us started segregating waste eagerly. But when I saw that recyclable wastes are also dumped into the same vehicle along with the non-recyclable waste, I was shocked. When I inquired with the workers, they said that this was their routine. I just want to ask - what is the point in supplying recycle bins to households?

From Ms Yousufa

Abu Dhabi

Hidden truth

It is shameful if the BBC has let this alleged abuse happen and I am sure it is not the only organisation (‘BBC promises inquiry after police probe,’ Gulf News, October 9). I won’t be surprised to know that such abuses against men, women and children in the media and entertainment industries get pushed under the carpet for their own benefits.

From Mr Syed


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Great job

Excellent (‘Window cleaners rescued from falling 15 floors,’ Gulf News, October 10)! We always learn from Abu Dhabi police because of their outstanding services and the way they value human lives. This is not the first incident by Abu Dhabi police that shows their service towards the public. They are an ideal for the world. Best wishes to them to continue their great efforts.

From Mr Vinod

Abu Dhabi

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Whose responsibility?

I would disagree with the opinion that safety officers should be held responsible with reference to the report on the window cleaners. There are many other considerations while investigating such incidents. However, organisations must have a safety department with competent staff who have the required safety skills. It should be the site or project manager who ensures that the staff follows the safety requirements. In many Western countries the term ‘safety advisor’ is used for the person managing the safety department. Yet, the safety advisors have limitations according to their companies. They cannot act as the police department.

From A Reader


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The big man

There could not have been a more apt statement: 100 years of Bollywood, 70 years of Amitabh! Amitabh Bachchan, who turned 70 on October 11, started out in the sixties in myriad secondary roles. Today he is - the superstar of the millennium! His achievements are commendable. He has received countless film and national awards; he is honoured at the Madame Tussauds wax museum in London; he is a former parliamentarian and was recently honoured by TIME magazine as the father of a top actor, Abhishek Bachchan. He married Jaya Bhaduri and today is the father-in-law of the beautiful and stunning, Aishwarya Rai. He has lived a consummate life and has also escaped death in the seventies, during a shooting spell. Beyong facing some medical complications, Amitabh continues to entertain his fans, even today. With many projects lined up, including his role in the new upcoming movie The Great Gatsby, which will be his first venture in Hollywood – I want to wish this man all the luck, success and a long life, from his fans from around the globe.

From Mr A R Modak

Johannesburg, South Africa

The unprotected generation

There are many reasons to be concerned about the attacks on young girls. I feel that television series and films have exposed the younger generation to these issues at a very early age. In a bid to save teenagers, the marriage act in India must be amended.

From K. S. Sukurullah


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