Making a change

In response to the community’s concerns about clean areas of Sharjah, Tandeef — the street cleaning and waste collection division of Bee’ah — has dispatched an immediate emergency response team to the Clock Tower Roundabout area, opposite the hospital zone in Sharjah to ensure that it is left in a sanitary and hygienic state (“Unbearable stench near Clock Tower”, Gulf News, November 2). Moreover, Tandeef in partnership with the Sharjah City Municipality, assures the public that by the beginning of next year, the current single stream metal municipal waste bins will be replaced with two new blue and green plastic bins which will help prevent any smell, keep the area clean and encourage waste segregation into recyclable and general waste. Pavements along the streets of Sharjah will be re-engineered in collaboration with Sharjah City Municipality to accommodate these new bins in order to avoid any traffic disruptions. Along with the new residential recycling and waste bins, new state-of-the-art bin-washing and side-loading collection trucks have been acquired by Bee’ah to ensure higher efficiency and better collection operation throughout the streets of Sharjah. Tandeef encourages all members of the public to report any areas in need of immediate attention by contacting the toll-free number 800-Tandeef (8263333).

From Rawan Saqqa
Assistant Manager — Public Relations at Bee’ah

Good or bad?

Great, now we are in the billions (“World population reaches 7 billion”, Gulf News, October 31). I wonder if this is a moment to rejoice or a time to allocate our scarce resources to their potential uses. Seven billion means that there has been a significant increase in the number of people but the resources of the world are still limited and insufficient for the growing population across the globe. We have the same amount of food and water, but more mouths to feed. The world needs to think about this issue.

From Ms Fatima Suhail

Keep it up

Congratulations to the green-shirts for winning a very important Test match against a formidable opposition in Dubai (“Ajmal spins web to trap Sri Lanka”, Gulf News, October 30). It was indeed good team work and they showed solid evidence of unity, faith and discipline in all ranks. My message to Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq and company is to keep it up and hang on and to not get complacent, lazy or overconfident in the days to come.

From Mr Amr Ahmad Salaria
Missouri, US

The writing on the wall

The leaders listed in Tariq A. Al Maeena’s comment who are engaged in a bloody war against their own defenceless people are not the only ones who should fear (“One more dictator bites the dust”, Gulf News, October 30). Leaders around the world who still hold power by force should wake up and read the writing on the wall before their restless population finds it necessary to embark on violent actions to attain their legitimate rights.

From Mr Ali Alyami
Washington DC, US

Extension needed

Many people who earn a low income stay in the Sonapur area in Dubai. Therefore, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) should consider extending its Dubai Metro facility from the existing Etisalat Station to Sonapur. This will be a blessing for those people who struggle to go to the Gold Souq or other areas in Dubai, as it is very difficult to travel in buses and taxis sometimes. So, I request the RTA to do the arrangements for the extension of the Metro to Sonapur.

From Mr Abu Bakr Parappurath

Childbirth at home

It is a good thing that this report was written by a female reporter (“Experts: Treat childbirth as a natural experience”, Gulf News, October 30). Though the report brings to light a practice that is common to European and Western countries, this part of the world is too accustomed to the convenience of hospitals and “safe” environments, irrespective of the high costs. I appreciate the efforts of the reporter to briefly raise the benefits of home childbirth and hope it paves way to an improved and self-dependant outlook for mothers in the Middle East.

From Ms L. A.

Baby business

I am very happy to read the report on childbirth. I watched a documentary called The Business of Being Born and since then I decided that I want a natural childbirth at home. However, I was a little upset that I would have to go abroad to seek this kind of delivery. I recommend everyone who wishes to become a parent to be open to having a certified midwife assist in the delivery of their child.

From Ms Mai