Positive attitude

I have only been in Dubai since last December but I have never lived in a country with such a positive, ‘can do’ attitude (‘Connecting minds - creating the future,’ Gulf News, June 11). The visionary leadership is showing the world what can be achieved with passion, clear goals and a determination to succeed. I sincerely hope Dubai is the winning city in the bid for Expo 2020 and look forward to the cultural and financial prosperity this would bring to the country.

From Mr Steve Byng


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The right choice

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has convincingly proposed to host Expo 2020. Choosing Dubai will bring a major influx of visitors, not only to the city but also to the UAE and other Gulf countries. Dubai has a sterling track record of having achieved a lot in short time. Selecting Dubai is definitely the correct decision - it would benefit the entire Middle East.

From Mr Kanwar Hayat


History in the making

UAE is the icon of harmonious development of socio-economic wealth, religion and international relationships under the excellent directives of its able and honest leaders and concerned dignitaries. The concrete reflection and transparent vision is evident in the comment by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This is truly historic.

From Mr Mohammad Nizam Al Deen

Abu Dhabi

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Clear all misconceptions

In the comment piece, there was a sentence - “Our first message is to tell the world that the Middle East is not a region of conflict, war and tension”. This message is the most crucial element of Expo 2020. Out of personal experience, whenever I go abroad I often ask people to describe the Middle East. Most say war, bombs and a desert. I believe it is time to put away this common misconception and bring about the actual truth about the Middle East in the eyes of other countries.

From Mr Govind Mohandas


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If every nation had a visionary leader like His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the whole world would be a peaceful, developed place to live in. UAE deserves to host Expo 2020. I hope all nations will support the UAE and in winning the bid in November 2013. I wish all the best to UAE!

From Mr Jaykay


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Secular India

Those who want Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to come in power must realise that they cannot do so by putting a fanatic face forward (‘Gujarat Chief Modi is a divisive figure in BJP as well,’ Gulf News, June 11). History proves that whenever India has been ruled by secular forces, it has developed and whenever fascist forces have taken over, it has suffered. The examples of Akbar and Ashoka on the one hand and Aurangzeb on the other clearly show the firm path that Indians are fond of.

From Mr Tarek Ahmad Khan


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Act before its too late

Europe is experiencing the worst flooding in its history, as several rivers have crossed their banks and are now entering the cities. River Danube and Elbe are causing havoc in several European countries. These floods have become one of the worst threats in past hundred years. This is occurring not only in Europe. Because of the rising sea level, many Bangladeshi and Indian farmers have lost their agricultural land and are struggling to support their families. In Sri Lanka thousands were forced to migrate because of the recent floods. Parts of China have also been a victim of the same. Australia on the other hand is facing one of the warmest summers in its history. Everyone knows that this is happening due to global warming. Millions are miserable around the world. In some parts, people are suffering due to rain and floods and in some parts due to drought. The increasing temperatures and rising sea level has also become a constant threat to countries like Maldives that are practically flat at sea level. In recent years, the world has experienced the worst natural disasters, hurricanes, tsunamis and floods of modern history. Despite knowing the reality, world leaders have failed to provide any concrete solution or even preventive measures. Several environmental conferences have been held but none have resulted in a real solution. The reason behind this failure is because the world just cannot come together. We cannot be selfish and look for an opportunity to benefit all the time. This problem needs to be solved collectively. World powers and influential leaders need to ask all countries to come together, so they can find a way out together before it is too late.

From Mr Khawaja Umer Farooq

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Faster and cheaper internet

Asia has been the king in terms of internet speed over the past few years and 2013 is no different. Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan have retained the top three spots in both categories of ‘top peak connection speeds’ and ‘top average connection speeds’ according to analysis by Akamai Technologies. The company also reported a breakthrough. For the first time, peak speeds have broken the 50 megabytes per second (mbps) barrier in Hong Kong. South Korea remained strong in second with a peak speed of 48.8mbps, but they ranked first in average connection speeds at 14.7mbps. They were followed by Japan at 10.5mbps. The US struggled to reach a meagre fourteenth place at 29.6mbps for peak speeds. This is because they are still largely using copper wire instead of fibre optics. My concern is that UAE should also try to provide one of the fastest internet services. The country is excelling in all fields and slowly reaching the top of all lists, then why not be the best in internet services? Also, UAE should not only work towards fast internet service but also a cheaper one. I request both national service providers etisalat and du to work towards faster and cheaper internet services.

From Mr Rehan


Full name withheld by request

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