Excited for Brazil 2014

The World Cup is certainly the most beautiful global sporting event next to the Olympics (‘The World Cup ball through the ages,’ Gulf News, June 7). My first memory of this, at 10 years old, was watching the 1970 Mexico World Cup won by the best ever team line-up from Brazil. Until today I still consider their last goal scored by Carlos Alberto as the best team goal I have ever seen scored in a World Cup final. Ever since then I have been following the World Cup closely.

My most memorable game was Argentina versus England in the 1986 World Cup, wherein the turning point was watching Diego Maradona score the infamous ‘Hand of God’ and ‘Goal of the century’. That was the defining moment that won them the World Cup that year.

I’m looking forward to seeing Brazil versus Croatia because this will shape how the tournament goes. The US versus Germany game will also be interesting with the clash of the two German coaches. And for me, I won’t miss any of Argentina’s matches.

My prediction is that for the final it will be Brazil versus Argentina, and the winner will be Argentina. I feel that Brazil is overrated but, they will do well with the home crowd support.

I look forward to another exciting World Cup tournament.

From Mr Sebastian Tan


Hoping for Portugal

I wish Portugal would win for a change but, of course, all teams are phenomenal to watch.

From Ms Sameera Al Marzouqi


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Brazil to take the cup

I will watch matches depending on their timing because it will be at night in Dubai. I feel it will be a Brazil versus Argentina final. They are the hot favourite teams, and I think Brazil will be the winners!

From Ms Priti Mackinnon



I think Brazil will win. I’m waiting anxiously for the Brazil versus Netherlands match. It’s time for revenge! Come on Dutch, if you dare.

From Mr Sajid Hussain


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More cameras

The Dubai police are really performing their responsibilities well (‘Community Report: Queue-jumping drivers causing traffic chaos’,’ Gulf News, June 7). In fact, it’s not possible to dispatch a police petrol all the time. My suggestion is that they have to install more cameras to control road behaviour.

From Mr Suhail


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At our expense

One bad incident happened to me. A driver wanted to join the queue behind my car from the hard shoulder, but the driver in the car behind me got irritated and hit my car trying to stop the person from getting in. Then, the person violating the rule, immediately left the scene. So unfortunately, the violator enjoyed the benefit at our cost.

From Mr Sadiq


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Frustrating violation

Thank you for highlighting one of the most annoying traffic violations of this country. I wonder why the authorities are ignoring this. I would like there to be strict laws against it in order to encourage traffic manners and concern for fellow drivers.

From Mr Samer


Patrolling, no more

This is very true. I have the same experience everyday. We are struggling in a long queue and then these queue-jumpers come to the end and enter into the lane. There used to be patrolling in these areas before, but nowadays there doesn’t seem to be.

From Mr Salim


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Wait your turn

This happens all the time. Everybody is waiting for their turn! Why do they have to do that? Not only is it frustrating but they block several lanes just to jump a few cars. I find it unethical.

From Mr Karim Rajeh Altal


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Safe distance

A safe distance between cars is not maintained. This causes four or five cars to get into accidents because they weren’t driving at a safe distance.

Everybody is waiting in the line and some of the drivers jump in the queue as it’s changing and a lot of people do this. They are not following the rules. Why should we keep wasting our time, too, being in line, especially when the police are not around? People are getting irritated and using the horn, and I think it is becoming more popular to honk because of this.

From Mr Zeeshan Abdul Qader


Not indicating

I really appreciate the community reporters who have taken the initiative. We are often stressed because of motorists’ suddenly joining lanes, and they do not even indicate at times, when doing this. We should keep our eyes open to avoid any accidents. Please, kindly, do something to stop this!

From Ms Brinda John


Don’t let them in

Some people think that if they are getting in the queue, it’s an insult to them if others don’t let them in. They try to get into the lane and think we are fools who are driving and waiting in the queue. We must not let them get into the lane.

From Ms Nivedita Shrivastava


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Heavier fines

The source of most of the blocked traffic on a lot of roads within Dubai is this very same issue. If you add up the time that each individual has lost waiting in line, it amounts to a huge productivity loss for the nation. A Dh200 fine is miniscule in comparison to the productivity lost. The Roads and Transport Authority should use this as a source of income to benefit the nation. Queue-jumping drivers should be heavily fined. If possible, their cars should be confiscated. This will increase use of public transportation as well.

From Mr Nazneen


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Happens everywhere

I regularly drive in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, and this is one of the common problems in any congested area. People don’t have any concern about others and just jump the queue. It is discouraging for the law abiding drivers who are being punished and in some cases there are accidents or altercations. I have complained a couple times to the authorities, but the problem persists as if these queue-jumpers have no fear of the law. I hope this message gets through to the concerned authorities so that these drivers are punished with high penalties. I think that the authority’s presence in these places once in a while would reduce this practice considerably.

From Mr Madhukar Rao


Traffic jamming

Queue-jumpers are causing serious traffic jam. I would suggest that the Sharjah police deploy two to three policemen inside the industrial area to control this.

From Mr Kashif


Changing attitudes

It is very bad traffic culture seen on the roads. All the law-breaking individuals must change themselves first.

From Mr Rashid N. Abu Backer


Stern action needed

I agree 100 per cent that women should be the main focus at the global summit next week (‘UN official: Nigerian schoolgirls face rape danger,’ Gulf News, June 11). Women are not just a thing to be played with or controlled to do whatever one pleases with, especially when it comes to their respect and dignity. There is no question to it. Stern actions must be taken to rescue those girls who are human, just like us.

From Ms Maha Xulfiqar


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Looking forward

There needs to be an end to honour killings as well as female genital mutilation (FGM). I think if this could happen, women would be much better off. Sadly, I don’t think this will completely end. Traditions and cultures must be respected but we must also look forward.

From Mr Mike Gelbman


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Objectifying of women

The global summit next week should talk about ending forced prostitution, human trafficking, rape, domestic violence and murder. For more women’s rights we need to look at ending the endless objectification and sexualisation of women from the moment they hit puberty in music, movies, television and commercials. No more social pressure telling women they have to take their clothes off and sell themselves in order to be attractive and be wanted by men.

From Mr Marijke Fox


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Divided internationally

The recent election in Syria and the victory of Bashar Al Assad is astonishing for everyone (‘D-Day shaped global role for US,’ Gulf News, June 6). In a country where 150,000 people have lost their lives and half of the population has migrated to other countries and living in refugee camps, this type of election result can only add miseries to the lives of the Syrian people. Due to continuous use of barrel bombs in civilian areas, half of the country has turned to rubble. Even mosques, hospitals and schools are not safe from heavy shelling. Several areas of the country are still besieged by Assad’s forces and people find it hard to provide daily necessities of life to their families. Although the international community has rejected present election results with the selection of Bashar Al Assad, only Iran and Russia are still supporting the Assad regime. The international community is still divided on Syrian issues and things are going from bad to worse in Syria.

From Mr Khawaja Omar Farooq

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Acceptable punishment

The suspension of the Geo TV news channel is the first step towards responsible journalism in Pakistan (‘Pakistan suspends biggest news channel Geo over spy agency row,’ Gulf News, June 6). I feel it’s enough punishment. If it was banned, then company would have been portrayed as a martyr.

From Mr Affaf Rathore


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Shut them down

I think they should have been shut down forever. They have made a mess of the international image of Pakistan.

From Mr Safa Ishrat

Saudi Arabia

A big impact

My opinion is that the 15-day punishment is enough because they also have offered many apologies several times for this case. This had a big impact on Geo TV and they will be feeling the shocks of this for many years.

From Mr Mohammad Haroon


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