Freedom of religion

China should amend the law seeing as the Muslim community in China has grown (‘China restricts Ramadan fasting in Xinjiang,’ Gulf News, July 4). Now, if I am not mistaken, there are approximately 15 million Muslims living in China. This is almost 10 per cent of their population.

The country should respect their citizen’s beliefs and give them some liberty towards religious activity. The Muslim population should be accepted by China. Instead of forcing and putting these kinds of laws on the Muslim community, they should deal with a soft hand and allow them to practice their religion.

From Ms Mirza Shahnawaz Baig


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Pray for them

This is ridiculous, like the government doesn’t have anything better to do than go around checking if people are practicing Ramadan. Let us pray for them during this holy month. It’s really sad when you can’t practice your religion.

From Mr Falis


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Protect Muslim interests

Sad to know that on one hand, the Chinese government is making huge revenues from the Middle East and making longterm business agreements, but when it comes to giving religious freedom to its own Muslim citizens, they are not fair.

From Mr A. M.


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Senseless ban

It is extremely sad that even in today’s modern era, we have such oppressive leaders who prevent people from observing Ramadan fast. These restrictions on Muslims will serve no purpose other than causing unrest and animosity amongst people.

In my opinion, every religion should be respected with followers having the freedom to take part in rituals and festivities. It is a proven fact that fasting is good from a health perspective and that people should be encouraged to fast during Ramadan. To say that the government in China is concerned about the health of its employees seems like an unpleasant joke. This ban is absolutely unfair and unjustified and only in place to pressurise Muslims into giving up on their religion.

If this continues, then the Muslim countries across the globe should boycott Chinese products and exports coming into their country in response to this senseless ban.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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More room on Metro needed

There is no doubt that the Dubai Metro is the most convenient option for daily commuters. It is comparatively better than the Dubai buses. The existing Dubai Metro is comprised of five coach trains capable of carrying around 600 passengers, seated and standing.

Since Dubai is an important place, having a large number of expatriates and tourists that is increasing with every day, I think that the existing five-coach trains are unable to fulfil our needs anymore. The daily commuter in particular, the working class, is facing tremendous difficulties to find room to even stand while using the Dubai Metro these days in the morning and at peak hours.

The need is felt to increase the number of train cars so that the commuters can at least find a place to stand. I would like to request that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) please take necessary measures in this regard.

From Mr Mumtaz Hussain


Too much silence

He is in paradise (’Murdered Palestine teen ‘taken on the way to dawn prayers,’ Gulf News, July 3). May God be pleased with him and bless his parents with patience and make them strong enough to face this situation. I request all the readers to pray for him and his family. But this is not the solution. And this is not the first time an innocent child has been killed. But what surprised me is that all the world keeps their silence. Countries who call themselves superpowers seem to close their eyes on this.

From Mr Mubeen Ahmad


Market performance

The only reason that landlords are raising the rent is because the market is now performing very well (‘Dubai’s rental surge fastest among prime cities,’ Gulf News, July 3). For this reason, they are increasing the rents every year. It is not only in Dubai but in other emirates, too. Also, some landlords are directly asking for double the rent.

From Mr Mohammad


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Unfair rent

The increase of rent is a very unfair gesture shown by landlords towards their tenants coming from all over the world to earn some money. Since the beginning of this year we have seen an immense increase in the property rates due to which, people are having to go back to their homeland. Please, do something to bring down the rising rates as soon as possible.

From Ms Kitty


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Stricter regulations

I manage properties for our employees. What I have learned from dealing with many real estate agents is that the property market is a big mess due to a gap in regulations being implemented. It is also due to the uneasiness of complaints when there is poor maintenance service during your stay and leads to you being vacated at the end of the term.

Too many of the people that run real estate, and tenants as well, don’t know the regulations or they just ignore it. For example, I rented an apartment for our employee last year and this year, the real estate company is asking for an increase on the renewal. Although it’s strictly not allowed to increase, the real estate agents try their luck! All we need is stricter regulations, which can protect tenants and we can see them implemented.

From Mr Ahmad


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Rights of tenants

I will suggest that if you, as a tenant, are living in your flat for the past year, at least, and your landlord is asking for a massive increase in payment, then don’t be afraid because there is a rule in Dubai. Go directly to the rent committee, there are rights for tenants. You can be happy once you put a complaint against them there.

From Ms Nadeem


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Hard to own

Ever wondered why renters do not become home buyers? It’s because of the amount they have to pay to own a home and then pay through their nose for maintenance after buying a property. Moreover, there is no job guarantee or residence permit guarantee, unless the buyer is an extremely successful businessman. Rents should be reduced for a building that is over ten years old and not increased.

From Ms Anne George


Large portion of salaries

It is common for 50 per cent of a person’s salary to be spent on housing alone. On top of this they will have to spend on other commodities. One should not forget that these hikes in the property rates cannot be afforded by the majority living with limited monthly incomes.

From Ms Ama


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Relieving in public

I understand the woman throwing her shoe at him and the punishment is justified for urinating in public (‘Cabbie jailed for relieving himself in public,’ Gulf News, July 4). I feel there is a bigger issue here though. The real reason at the core of the issue is that the poor man wanted to urinate and he could not find a proper place. This is more of an issue for women. I don’t think there are many public toilets in the UAE. Are there any, except in the shopping centres ? If there isn’t a place, what is a normal, law abiding adult - male or female - supposed to do? Build hundreds of such toilets, charge a minimal fee for the usage and then if someone breaks the law, take a case.

From Mr Jay Krishnan


Post US invasion

The West seems to be a blind supporter of the US invasions. Many people look back and wonder whether the world would have been safer if the US hadn’t invaded Iraq, Libya and Afghan. People of these countries had a better life beforehand.

From MR Munawar


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No cameras

I want to know why the concerned authorities are not taking any action against the rising food prices during Ramadan. I wish they could have already noticed before the holy month began. I used to work in some hypermarkets in Dubai and inside the market there are many places without cameras. Most of the missing parts and the changing of barcodes of items were happening from there. When one manager reported this issue to the security manager, he said that they will put one sign in the window, which will say that the area was monitored by cameras and customers will not do such things. But nothing happened, even after they put up that board. This incident reminds me of my past. The authorities have to do something about this issue.

From Mr Umesh Dahal


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