The roofs are up
I am writing regarding a community report on the delay of putting up bus shelters in an area of Dubai (“Delay in building bus stop”, Gulf News, January 3). After Gulf News published this report, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) took action within a week. At once, the RTA erected the bus stop shelters using the materials that have been lying on the ground outside Ibn Battuta Metro Station for more than one year. Without this bus shelter, Metro users suffered while standing under the summer heat. Now, the passengers are very happy sitting during winter, waiting for their
respective buses. I also noticed that a Nol card recharge machine has been installed in front of the Ibn Battuta Metro Station. The erection of the bus shelter happened within one week of the day the community report was published – this is very quick action. So, I would like to thank the RTA, Gulf News and community reporter David Woodward for taking action.
From Mr M. M. Ebrahim

Great ride
‘Awesome’ and ‘brilliant’ are two words I would use to describe the fantastic 31st Gulf News Fun Drive 2012. The drive, planning and arrangements throughout the trip and the campsite, and the overall experience was excellent and credit goes to your team for making it an unforgettable experience for my family and me. It must have been a logistical challenge for Gulf News and at the end everyone who enjoyed the two terrific days can only say ‘well done’. In my 20 years of residing in the UAE, this was my first real outing in the desert. I had been on desert drives organised by tour operators and I never found it to be as beautiful as when I went last weekend. I was behind the wheel, driving rather than being driven — all the more reason for it to be exciting and satisfying. Count us in every year. Now I am looking forward to the next Gulf News Fun Drive in 2013.
From Mr V. Sekhar Reddy

A social problem
People have become addicted to their mobile phones in such a way that social relations have almost become extinct. The use of smartphones creates social unrest among youngsters and makes them dull and lazy. It cuts short their social integration and they are isolated from society. They can even become victims of certain mental disorders. Suicide, which is one of the increasing issues amongst teenagers around the world, could also be an outcome of the excessive or obsessive use of smartphones and other social networking media.
From Mr Saleh Al Balooshi
Al Ain

Knockout time
It would be great news for Dubai-based overseas Filipino workers if the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Junior boxing fight were held here in Dubai (“Pacquiao v Mayweather in Dubai?”, Gulf News, January 15). We would be able to witness how pound-for-pound boxing champion and people’s choice Pacman will outdo Mayweather in the boxing arena. Pacquiao has a lot to prove – eight different division titles!
From Mr Winston Tan Parandas

It’s not a fight
It doesn’t matter. This fight will never happen. Egos are too big and it has disintegrated into who can impose whose will in the media, rather than who will beat whom in the ring.
From A Reader
Miami, US
Name withheld by request

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