Nothing is happening
It makes me sick to see how world leaders behave when it comes to solving world crises. Take the example of the situation in Syria. World leaders meet and talk, and in the end nothing concrete comes out of it. They are very good at talking but no serious action is taken to solve the problems. We have to remember that there are countries facing problems after problems and they expect world leaders to take action, but alas, nothing concrete is decided and the people in question keep on suffering beyond description. The world we are living in is on fire — unless action is taken now, I am afraid to say that, I really do not know where we are heading. We act as if nothing serious is taking place. Time is running out.
From Mr Hashil Saif Hashil
Copenhagen, Denmark

New parking system
I would like to suggest to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that they should start a parking fee system for 30 minutes at a rate of Dh1, which cannot be extended. I find that many people turn on their hazard lights or keep their car engine running if they have to get out for 10 minutes.
From Mr Syed Fazeel

No second chance
I was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi. I respect and appreciate the UAE government for all the measures it implements and takes in reducing the number of accidents. However, I would like to share a few unfortunate incidents that I have witnessed. While I was exiting a mall the other day I saw an accident happen. Although the traffic department and the municipality have constructed an underground crossing, a person crossed the road and met with an accident and died. I was shocked to see this and the only thing I could do was pray for him. A month ago I saw three people climbing a high fence to cross the road. I could see the expression on their faces and it seemed as if they had done something great. I would like to ask the authorities to please increase the fines on such illegal practices. There should be an immediate action against such people — recruit some officials to catch these jaywalkers and fine them on the spot. In streets where it is not possible to construct underground crossings, kindly build pedestrian bridges. Please do the needful as soon as possible and never give jaywalkers a second chance.
From Mr Milal Saleh
Abu Dhabi

Educating my children
I am an engineering graduate and left my job for my children. First priority should be given to children. If their mental health is sound then that is worth more than a billion dirhams. A mother’s presence is the most important thing. I’m educated and I utilise it to make my children more informed.
From Ms Helen Sumod Koshy

Building confidence
This help has come when the people were feeling very helpless (‘Dh50,000 for Sharjah fire victims’, Gulf News, January 5). It is a good gesture and it will help build confidence among the people who are undergoing the worst.
The entire country is proud of this decision. This will not only inculcate confidence but will also make all of us feel very safe. I would also like to request the authorities concerned to thoroughly examine the reasons for the fire and what measures can be taken to stop any building from getting destroyed like this. I am sure stringent measures will be implemented in all buildings across the UAE at the earliest.
From Mr Shivshankar K.T.
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What a relief
This is a really good initiative from the Ruler of Sharjah. This will give, at least, some relief to the people who lost their belongings. God bless Sharjah and its kind-hearted Ruler.
From Mr Jacob
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Helping the people
This is an extremely kind gesture from the Ruler of Sharjah. Such an amount will definitely ease the lives of these families that are stuck in an unfortunate situation. Everyone from every community and region should personally thank the Ruler for this huge step.
From A Reader
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