Cleaned up
Thank you for drawing our attention to the untidy spot near one of the parking areas in TECOM Site-C ("Marring the good image", Gulf News, August 10). The area mentioned in the report has been cleared further to the reader's letter. TECOM Investments is committed to following stringent environmental, health and safety policies that are designed to ensure the well-being of the community at all times.
From TECOM Investments

No resignation
I disagree with this comment — I believe Gulf News is selective in its reporting (‘Regime syndrome: They cannot leave or live in peace', Gulf News, August 14). You mention that in the West even in small demonstrations the minister would resign, even though he or she was elected. This is wrong. In the UK, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair and now David Cameron did not and have not resigned, even though there were protests and riots under their rule. Thatcher, Major and Blair were forced out. Today, Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson are faced with the worst riots seen in decades in London — have they even mentioned resigning? Of course not.
From Mr David B.
London, UK

Going down
It seems that none of the autocrats have ever read a history book or biographies of former world leaders. The vast majority of the ruthless autocrats had a tragic end — either dethroned or killed violently. The autocrats have an over-optimism that nobody will dare touch them. How can you explain that type of mindset? Those autocrats had enough chances earlier to leave the country with their wealth and live somewhere else. Now, they cannot leave the country or live in it in peace.
From Mr Samuel Mathew Ringgold,
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Changing India
Anna Hazare is the living ‘Gandhi' of the 21st century (‘Anti-corruption activist Hazare warns of protest threat', Gulf News, August 13). He has awakened India through his crusade against corruption and the struggle to instil morality in politics. He earlier went on a hunger strike and forced the Indian government to concede his demands. Although India has witnessed many campaigns, the one led by Anna Hazare has got the public's attention like never before. Hazare has fought on behalf of more than a billion Indians for an effective anti-corruption legislation and has now expressed his readiness to accept parliament's decision on the Jan Lokpal bill. Now, if this draft is dumped by the Indian Parliament it would not only put a question mark on the credibility of the elected members, but it would also jeopardise the overall growth of the country. Such a move, however, would go against Hazare's dream to convert India into a strong nation where every man has a role to play in its growth.
From Mr Ramachandran Nair

This is very true — I have been at this bus stop waiting for a long time for buses to arrive (‘An appeal for shade', Gulf News, August 12). Although it is a very busy stop, as it is close to a Metro station, there is no shade or any place to sit while waiting. It is terrible to stand there waiting for the bus, especially in this heat.
From Ms Anupama
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No shade
It is really sad to see this happening to the people who are waiting at bus stops. I would request you to come to Jebel Ali and see the condition there — we do not have any shelter. There are so many people suffering. The Metro goes all the way to Jebel Ali but there are no proper buses in that area. The two buses there come at the same time and we have to wait for 30 minutes for the next one to arrive. We have written several times and called the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) but so far no action has been taken.
From A Reader
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It is a shame to see the famine in Somalia. I wonder how the world was sleeping this whole time to not see this coming. I wish to thank Gulf News for doing a great job of bringing awareness amongst people on how to help and donate. The pictures have moved me and brought tears to my eyes. My children have learnt from it and are taking the utmost care not to waste food. I hope we adults also learn something from this catastrophe. Eat until you are full but do not let it go to waste. As a reminder hang the pictures that Gulf News published of the Somali people near the dining table or use it as table mats. We should also speed up the process of sending aid to Africa.
From Ms Farha Mujib
Abu Dhabi

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