Abdullah Al Shaiba Image Credit: Gulf News

For many years I have been witnessing successful relationships, but on the other hand there have been different kinds of damage in other relationships between men and women. People usually seek stability, harmony and understanding when they establish long-term relationships. Therefore, it is the obligation of each party to treat the other with respect, dignity, honesty and transparency. This would lead to success in most relationships. However, there are some actions, including cheating, that could change the nature and future of relationships. This action could happen either from men or women. Infidelity could jeopardise any healthy relationship between men and women, particularly from men. It is well-known that most women devote their faithfulness when they love men and therefore they get badly hurt when they face disloyalty from men. Obviously most men think they are smarter than women when they establish multiple relationships, but they seem to ignore the fact that women usually forgive but never forget. This situation leads to many questions about lifelong commitment and serious relationships and whether they are based on trust and love or disloyalty. Also, one could question the reasons behind infidelity, whether it be globalisation, open work environment or lack of confidence. My personal point of view is that lifelong commitment in a relationship could be achieved if both parties knew how to: create nice and unforgettable moments, learn how to love not how to possess, and how to trust and not how to suspect each other's intentions.


The reader is a UAE researcher living in Dubai