Introspection is important

There is always a benefit in any situation that you come across at the workplace, however, you do not always see it (“Open-plan office: Win or fail?”, Gulf News, April 17). The idea behind steady progress is to see every circumstance as a tailor-made lesson. For example, the situation of dealing with a difficult customer who is never satisfied, is the right time to practice patience! Before exchanging angry words, why don’t we try to perceive things about our own character which need changing or to rehearse some quality that we need to put into practice more often? It keeps us alert and gives us plenty of opportunities to put our truth into practice. Actually, we should be grateful for these kinds of opportunities to evaluate ourselves. This way, we can transform anything into a constructive lesson and move on. If we learn how to look to our challenges in our workplace, we will learn a lesson in personal development.

From Mr Ali Al Aradi


Don’t involve religion in crime

How come every day this kind of shameful crimes happens, especially in Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi (“Rape-killing of girl, 7, heightens Indian outrage”, Gulf News, April 18). The latest case was because of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Where is the touring Prime Minister now? He has hardly given his voice in the matter. I think whoever commits a rape crime should punished severly, irrespective of any religion.

From Ms Sammira Moh Al Deen


Leadership needs change

Wow, this is the largest democracy in the world. I apologise to the majority of Indians who are educated, wise and well-mannered people. I hope they get rid of such leaders and this ideology.

From Mr Shahid Shaikh

Saudi Arabia

What is the government doing?

The present government will not take care of humans, rather they give protection to cows. Being an Indian, I am ashamed to talk about our country. They are spreading violence hatred and looting the country. I think the Prime Minister is interested in visiting countries because he does not have the spine to take care of the country. If the present government continues, India will collapse soon. I pray for India.

From Mr Anish Mathew


A daily piece of news

It’s sickening to hear such things every day from every corner of the country. It’s becoming more of a norm. India’s justice system is one of the worst as they give a clean chit to such inhumane creatures rather than serving justice to the family of the poor victim.

From Mr Mahein J. Khan


Take a stand

Humanity is ashamed of these perverts. As a father of a daughter I feel disgust that some people are tolerating it every day. Educated Indians should stand up now. Your daughter may be the new victim. Please stand up for God’s sake and for the sake of our daughters.

From Mr Usman Khizar


Girls are no longer safe

Imagine, law enforcers are meant to protect the citizens, and religious leaders are meant to protect and teach worshippers, but all of them raped, tortured and killed an innocent little girl who was young enough to be their daughter. It is such an unsafe place to bring up girls and women. I hope they are given a severe punishment.

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr.


Strict laws will instil fear

This is shocking. It is very shameful that rapes involving children have become an everyday occurrence in India. These crimes do not seem to stop simply because the government and the judiciary have failed to provide justice to the victims and punishment to the culprits. Sadly, some have started to use rape as a weapon - as a means of seeking revenge and threatening others. The merciless killings and rapes of children and women will not stop unless the death penalty is imposed for such crimes. These people who have no regard for children can go to any extent. They are a serious threat to the society and must not be shown any leniency. These tragic incidences will only cease to occur when stringent measures are taken against these rapists

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Shining athletes of India

The outstanding performance at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) at Gold Coast, Australia, has given Indian sports a new fillip and it augurs well for the next Asiad or the Asian Games and the Olympics (“India on path to be a sporting powerhouse, says IOA chief”, Gulf News, April 17). In fact, ‘women power’ was seen during the CWG, where our female athletes have done exceedingly well. Hats off to their parents, who have changed the mindsets of their wards, especially women. During the past decade, our women power has been on the rise and the CWG results of 26 gold 20 silver and 20 bronze is the proof that this government is there to encourage our budding athletes to excel in the international arena.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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