16:50 Gulf News: Is technology not a match for man’s cunning?

16:54 Mohammad Hassam: I disagree because it is man who created technology, and it will only do what it has been ordered. As for the recent disappearance of the Malaysian airplane, I would say it was either a human error or planned, so there is no point in blaming technology.

16:55 Samina Kausar: I disagree; there is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Our daily needs gave birth to new inventions such as technological changes. The use of these developments are truly and purely dependant on the person’s intention. Nothing is good or bad by itself; our use gives it a direction to either a right or wrong path. Technology changes a humans life towards the ease and comfort in usability, however if someone is deliberately using it for matching his cunning or other intentions, then we cannot blame that on technology.

16:56 Lodhi Azmatullah: Technology was created by man himself and it works on purely on instruction. It was created for an easy and convenient life.

16:59 Samina Kausar: In everyday life there are possibilities of human errors similar to the fact that machines also has faults, but again, the responsibility lays on the shoulders of those who are operating them.

17:02 Mohammad Hassam: Technology is not too good for the human brain. Why? Because it’s as simple as two plus two, equals four and since man invented technology, he will know what he feeds in that device. Yes, it can be hacked but even that will be controlled by a man. Therefore, it will never surpass it’s inventor until hacked by others.

17:05 Samina Kausar: There are some expert systems which are good for exercising the human brain. However, we love to spend our time only on the system which attracts us in terms of entertainment.

17:06 Gulf News: Technology will always get the better of man.

17:10 Samina Kausar: I agree as the basis of many technological developments is to help people in giving their best. Technology is always helping people to work effectively and efficiently in their workplace as well as in their daily lives. With technology, we save time and human efforts. The automated systems ensure the minimised rate of error and maximise accuracy.

17:13 Lodhi Azmatullah: Technology will definitely get the better of man as it was invented man and similarly, it’s devastation will also be done by man. The more advancement, the more roots of devastation will there be.

17:17 Mohammad Hassam: Technology has two sides, however, it depends on how people utilise it.

17:18 Lodhi Azmatullah: Technology may work with us or against us and if it is used for a better purpose, it will work with us. However, if it is used for devastation, it will work against us.

17:19 Samina Kausar: Technology is a tool which every individual and organisation is using based on their needs. Technology does not necessarily have to work with or against us, rather it is about how you use it.

17:19 Gulf News: The human mind cannot be duplicated as it works on logic, reasoning, emotion and intuition.

17:21 Samina Kausar: I agree as the human mind is the most complex part of body. Technology and medical science can simulate and imitate many parts of human body but duplicating the human mind is nearly impossible.

17:23 Mohammad Hassam: Every human being has his or her own way of doing things, which I think is a mixture of what logic to apply, what emotion he or she is having and the reason behind these feelings. With that in mind, it’s impossible to duplicate the human brain.

17:25 Samina Kausar: Artificial Intelligence is enables the system in some specific situations to respond like a human but can never duplicate the human brain.

17:26 Mohammad Hassam: If a human programmed software or a robot, it will only give the result which it is programmed to give.. For example, if coding software to print, it will not do anything other than printing.

17:29 Samina Kausar: For example, the nurse robots in medical super stores are programmed to carry and move items but in reality a nurse is a daughter and a mother along with other roles in her life, which cannot be transferred to a machine.

17:32 Lodhi Azmatullah: Technology has gone so vast that anything is possible and it is evident in the case of the missing plane.

17:35 Samina Kausar: There are always certain situations that are uncontrollable by humans. This is a fact and everyone believes that there are some matters in which a person feels helpless. An invention is always intended towards betterment but if something goes wrong it does not mean that it was developed with the wrong intention. Technology is only to assist humans and a man is the master mind behind a machine. There is nothing wrong in the use of technology, only if the use is with wrong intentions.

17:36 Lodhi Azmatullah: All over the world, people are trying to find out the whereabouts of the missing plane, but so far all attempts have failed. If they can source one wanted person out of million human beings, why can they not find a huge plane? Every corner of technology has failed and hence, it has proven that the more we invent new technologies, the more consequences will we face.

I’m surprised that they can find Saddam Hussein in a spider hole but they can’t locate a Boeing 777.

Hina Tabassum

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This event clearly shows the failure of the human being and technology. Super powers and satellites are all hopeless and functionless. God help the families of the passengers. No doubt that this is a big failure of the international system.

Hassan Ayafi

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More than humanity I would say that God is the ultimate power. This incident is a lesson for all intellectuals who claim that technology vibes their knowledge that it is man who proposes and God who disposes. It’s about time that people wake up to teach the younger generation the fear of God and his power than to rear a troop of humanity with technical defect over dependence on insufficient wireless connectivity.

Dorothy Naveena

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Yes, with all the technology that we have, it is a real shame that the flight cannot be located.

Vipin Raveendran

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This shows the capacity of the human power in front of God. May Allah guide us rightly and all prayers to the passenger’s of the plane. May Allah give patience to the family members.

Almas Suhail

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