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It is a generation that grew up in one of the more financially stable phases in recent history, watched computers become a household appliance, and saw Google replace encyclopaedias and libraries. It is a generation that feels obliged to end sentences with emoticons. Say Hello to Generation Y — the current 20- to 30-year-olds. They have probably had one of the most cushioned and comfortable childhoods one can imagine and as this entitled 70 million strong generation enters the work force, it is causing some big ripples in the current office culture. Is this group of young people simply too soft? Or are they simply more self-aware and self-confident than the previous generations? Post your thoughts on our Facebook page, ‘Gulf News Al Nisr Publishing UAE’ or tell us at readers@gulfnews.com

14:40 Gulf News: Having lived a largely pampered life as children, Generation Y lacks grit.

14:42 A M Jalal Al Deen: This new generation is a lot more self-aware and self-confident, simply because they have much more access to information. It is very easy to access the internet compared to getting hold of an encyclopedia or visiting a library. When you get information in the comfort of your home, it becomes more attractive and motivates you to know more about what is happening around you. They are not whiny, for sure, but for those who are not used to hearing anything from youngsters, any good comment can also be termed as ‘whining’.

14:49 Pavan Kumar: Generation Y is full of enthusiasm and keeps inventing new things, but their elders need to guide them.

14:51 Ria Lobo: Although Generation Y lives a lavish life, they still face a world that is more challenging than before, this makes them stronger and more competitive as well.

14:52 Lily Guna: We pampered them, and then we expect a different Generation Y. This generation is slow and methodical when it comes to making decisions. The idea of ‘helicopter parenting’ emerged as Generation Y was receiving the most attentive self-esteem-focused parenting in history. Which means it is used to having their parents make their decisions, or at least steer them. So, when they are left, on their own, to make a decision that no one can really help them with, Generation Y often gets stuck.

14:52 Maheen Abbas: They take on multiple leadership roles while in school, and learn foreign languages for the sake of it. The very last thing they are is slackers. Yet they have been given that label, along with others labels like self-absorbed, overly social or lacking a work ethic.

14:53 Pooja Vishwanathan: Most parents today are unconditionally loving, accepting and supportive of their children, making them less prepared to facing the challenges of the outside world. Generation Y is definitely more competitive and smart but the ‘real common man’s life’ sometimes gets difficult for the generation to handle. Technology has made them less patient and accepting.

14:54 Maheen Abbas: Well, I am a member of the “Generation X” work force in today’s UAE. Generation Y seems to be much more computer savvy than previous generations and much more adaptive to changing work environments. A notable weakness, I would say, is that they grew up with much more structure than previous generations and sometimes lack the ability to make decisions or act alone.

14:54 Maniza Jalal: No doubt this generation has a lot more resources but they should also know that the competition is more intense. Therefore, a lack of hard work and innovation won’t take them forward.

14:56 Gulf News: A childhood of being encouraged has led to an unrealistic view of life.

15:03 Drishya Dinesh: Our goals are often too unrealistic. We don’t have the right mindset for the level of success we desire. Beyond that, and more importantly, we don’t even pursue the right mindset. We’ve confused activity with progress.

15:06 Gulf News: Generation Y is forcing companies to think more creatively about employee management.

15:06 Ria Lobo: They do realise they have to put in effort and they have to work hard. Life isn’t all that easy for them because of the way they live. There is a tough world with great expectations beyond that. They dream and they work to achieve it to prove themselves.

15:08 Salim Mohammad: Yes, companies are forced to do more about the employees to run their organisations well. Generation Y has many options to move from one organisation to another if they are not satisfied. Organisations should look into customer as well as employee satisfaction nowadays — most of the pople hired are been given fresh training, periodic bonuses, appraisals as needed and even sponsorships for their higher education and to provide them with a higher position in the same company later.

15:09 Munawar Aziz: Yes, I do agree. When the children finally become workers then they do give good suggestions because they learn from the very beginning and try to implement these in life and in the company where they work. They learn bad things too at times, but as the more mature ones, we have to ignore them.

15:10 Anika Tiku: Recently, I read an article about how Facebook is helping people raise funds for organisations. It also helps in online activism and social interaction. As said before, Facebook was found by Mark Zuckerberg, also a member of Generation Y.

15:10 Lily Guna: In my opinion, Generation Y does expect a lot as the Baby Boomers have trained them at home. Generation Y is asking for revolutionary things at work like flexible timings, fair-wage salaries and good mentoring. But really, Generation Y is simply demanding what their parents told them they should expect from the world - work that matters and that complements a life that matters. Those revolutionary expectations come from the parents — the Baby Boomers.

15:12 Gulf News: Generation Y cares less about salaries and more about work-life balance.

15:14 Mariam Ather Ali: Generation Y does think of salaries. Everyone wants to be paid well in order to live a luxurious life — something we’re all running after. And yes, young people do leave jobs because they can get too stressful. No one wants all work but no play.

3:15 Akshaya Parthasarathy: Generation Y has become money-minded. Also, this shows that Generation Y does have a better understanding of the value of money.

15:16 Nazia Irfan: No one agrees to work if the pay doesn’t match their expectations and no one leaves a job just for the fact that the timings are bad or they have issues with their colleagues. At the end of the day, money matters and for this generation their pockets need to always be full to maintain their style and class.

15:16 Pooja Vishwanathan: Well, it is subjective. A middle class man wouldn’t mind struggling his way up. He wouldn’t care about holidaying, when he needs bread and butter to survive. On the other hand, the upper middle class and the rich would prefer a job that would help strike a balance between personal life and work. Reducing stress levels becomes a priority and is of great concern to them.

15:19 Anjana Pisharody: I feel that Gen Yers do care more about money than the job itself. Most of them are pampered and don’t realise that these days jobs don’t come easily.