Fake news?

Really, Gulf News (“Trial run for UAE iceberg project in 2019”, Gulf News, July 2)? The same news was reported last year as well, and it was all a lie. Please stop copy pasting stories, and stop making up stories about something that is not possible.

From Mr Anas Nur-Khzam


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Gulf News is a journal of record and reports what is relevant and happening on the ground. The newspaper is committed to responsible journalism and does not report false or fake news. In the report, Gulf News has interviewed the managing director of National Adviser Bureau Limited – the company that is managing the UAE Iceberg Project. It is very much a reality.

Gulf News

Be neutral

I’ve noticed that all Gulf News’ articles are mostly directed against the current Indian government. There is both good and bad in everything that we see. Would be glad to see articles with a neutral perspective rather than always negative.

From Mr Pavan Jangla


Focus on the positive

For many years, people from all religions have been living in the UAE peacefully. Indians and Pakistanis work together peacefully. Lately, the newspaper is just focusing on distractions to the harmony, peace and love that exists between them. Please do not do so. There is so much news and information that can be helpful for individuals living here. Despite being from different parts of the world, we live in harmony. Report for the betterment of society. This is my humble request.

From Ms Sangeetha Sambath


Thank you for your feedback. Gulf News reports news relevant to the region and to its readers from around the world. Coverage in the newspaper is based on news value and not on nationality or any other form of bias.

Gulf News

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