Entertaining times

I don’t think the Indian Premier League (IPL) is a total waste of time. If we are able to watch it on television, then we can save money on tickets. Since it’s not a whole day’s program, and most matches are the evening, we can enjoy it with tea or dinner. Or enjoy it along with a get-together with family or friends. If we are alone too, it’s a nice way to pass the time. Discussions about the games are always ongoing, with messages and phone calls dedicated to the IPL. It’s as big an entertainment as a movie or TV show. So let’s just enjoy it!

From Ms Archana Sen

Abu Dhabi



I have found IPL to be a pure waste of time, because everything that we thought was entertaining and in good spirit, has been proven to be fixed over the years. It’s a shame how players and team owners are being found linked with match and spot fixing over and over again.

From Mr Alam J.



Just business

The IPL is not only a waste of time; it is also a waste of money. It’s just pure business for the media to earn huge sums of money from advertisements and a way for some players to increase their bank balance, by making spectators pay for it. The money involved can be used in a much better way, to improve health facilities and provide food for malnourished children under the flagship of United Nations programs, for instance.

From Mr Raj Kumar Jalan

Calcutta, India


No change

I think cricket, being a sport, doesn’t have any effect on a country’s development. Cricket lovers are entertained through IPL, while players become millionaires and business personalities become more and more rich. Only the spectators stay the same... just watching.

From Mr Nafiz Ahmad M.



Waste of time

The IPL is a waste of time for Pakistanis, as you’ll find only non-Pakistanis playing it. I don’t think anyone from the country would be buying tickets for IPL.

From Mr Kamran Haider



Flip side

Lots of players get an opportunity to play at an international level through IPL.

From Mr Sridhar Balla



Losing endeavour

I think it’s just a waste of time. Cricketers are the ones earning and people who are around lose both time and money. I am against it. It’s not a serious game.

From Ms Renka Rani Kapoor



Family time

IPL is not at all a waste of time, rather it’s a very good thing and a great form of entertainment for all. When a person comes back home from the office, store, school or university, for a continuous three hours, he/she can spend time with his/her family and children while watching the fun sport. People of all ages and both genders often like IPL. I really love the concept!

From Mr Ebrahim




For countries that require development in economy, production, industry and other aspects, wasting such a huge amount on a game is atrocious!

From Ms Mahe Ram



What’s not to love?

The sport is good for cricket lovers and those seeking entertainment. We get to see world-class cricketers in one match, so who wouldn’t love watching it?

From Mr Sufi Mohammad Junooni



Only one winner

It’s a waste of time for those who watch IPL on TV and a waste of money for those who pay to see it in the stadium. It’s just a good way to pass the time for public personalities who invest in buying a team.

From Mr Abbas Zakir



A benchmark

No way, IPL has been the flat form for all players who are not in form or who are new to cricket and want to make their mark in the sport. All nations’ selectors keep an eye on IPL when the time comes to select players for their teams. IPL has become the benchmark.

From Mr Dhaval Vora

Muscat, Oman


Deal with pressure

How dare anyone suggest players are wasting their talent in IPL? Rather, it’s a platform to prove yourself as the best player in the world. Every game in the IPL creates more pressure than is usual for players. Under such circumstances, they can learn so many things about handling the situation.

From Mr Bipin Khadka

Kathmandu, Nepal


Showcase of talent

I do not agree that the IPL is a waste of time. There are so many players who have been selected in their national teams due to IPL performances. It is the perfect platform for Indians and also international cricketers to prove their worth in the short format.

From Mr Jazib Khan

Abu Dhabi


Charity first

All the IPL teams have been known to spend so much money to help less fortunate people. I’m talking about teams like Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils and the list go on. I remember when IPL was hosted by South Africa, the teams gave a good amount for education and other needs of the less fortunate. So I’d suggest people read up before being quick to comment negatively on the sport.

From Mr Sheheer Mohdunni

Pavaratty, India


Way to make money

IPL is a shame for cricket. It should be stopped, because the players don’t play real cricket – it’s just a way to make money and fool people. There have been many reports of players being bribed heavily. They play when they have been told to play the game, otherwise they get out. Mr Mohdunni, sorry to say, I don’t think they give even a single Dirham to poor people. It’s all in their pocket. Many betting dens are running heavily by the name of IPL.

From Mr Adil Mohammed



Not worth it

IPL is a waste of time and money! Players are benefited, but not the people. There are many other sports to watch if you truly want to be entertained through sports.

From Mr Rafeeq Mohammed



Easily manipulated

Definitely, IPL is a waste and a business racket! It’s just another example of how easy it is to manipulate us spectators.

From Ms Sahaara Asif

Abu Dhabi


Too much, too soon

IPL is conducted too frequently. It’s entertaining but I’d encourage organisers to not conduct it so regularly. Its format should be something along the lines of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

From Mr Ahmad Shumayal



Getting better

Whatever people say about IPL, it’s here to stay and I think will only be getting bigger and better as it grows.

From Mr Rahul Dutt Sharma




For all Pakistanis IPL is a waste of time. IPL in not about cricket anymore, it is full of corruption. It is surely keeping people entertained. I personally don’t care about it at all.

From Mr Iqbal Mohammd



Unfair game

For me IPl is just another name for match fixing and corruption.

From Mr Shahid Farid



Why is it allowed?

I don’t think that it is a waste of talent, but surely a waste of time and money. It is so obvious that this is a corrupt game. I won’t why is it even allowed? This game is nothing about sportsmanship its all about money. Only about money!

From Mr Mohemad Jihaddeen



Making money

IPL is about those who are making huge bucks by getting their puppets to run around the ground.

From Ms Fatima Al



Losing interest

Too much of anything makes one lose interest in the same. IPL is doing the same to cricket. I think this series simply ruins the game for cricket fans.

From Mr Kumar Shastri



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