Makes no sense

There are conflicting statements in some parts of the report (“How to apply for a Good Conduct Certificate”, Gulf News, January 15). First, it says that expatriates must obtain a Good Conduct Certificate in their home country or places they have lived in for the past five years. Okay, I get it. Then, after that, it says in order to apply for a UAE Good Conduct Certificate, I must have a valid Emirates ID. Well, if I lived in the UAE, let’s say three years ago, how am I supposed to have a valid Emirates ID? Don’t I have to get a resident visa first to get an Emirates ID? There is no logic in this article.

From Mr Gunay Rzayeva


Thank you for your feedback. The information in the article is about how to get a Good Conduct Certificate, and it was supplied by Dubai Police. They stated that a valid Emirates ID was required to apply for a certificate of good conduct. We ecalated your queries to the Police and updated the story with their responses. The Police explained that you need to show them the invalid ID or your old Emirates ID number, just to prove that you had one.

Gulf News

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