Climate plays a role

I get a long, healthy sleep of eight to nine hours a night (“Most people in UAE sleep less than 8 hours a night”, Gulf News, February 19). I believe it has to do with the climate. I live in Denmark, where it is about four degrees Celsius outside currently, and in the summer, the temperature becomes around 20 degrees. I could not imagine living or sleeping in the UAE where it is 30 degrees. In the summer it is around 45 degrees Celsius. That would leave me sleepless.

From Mr Preben Nielsen


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Less time to sleep

Most people are sleep deprived and this is visible from the irritated and rude behaviour of people on the roads, in customer service departments and everywhere else. People spend most of their time at workplaces and then on congested roads to go back home, leaving them with less time to sleep.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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Teachers have it worse

Many schoolteachers have the least amount of sleeping hours, especially those who are also parents. Taking work home is disastrous. It never ends and more duties are being assigned all the time, like increasing the actual school working time by introducing ‘zero’ periods. I’m aware it’s not in all schools, but in quite a few of them.

From Ms Izabella Salloum


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Late hours and less salary

Mostly, housemaids don’t have enough time to sleep at night. They sleep at 2 or 5 am in the morning because sometimes their employers are still entertaining visitors for coffee, late dinner and more. After that, the domestic help need to wash everything. This is the reality

From Mr Gallo Campollo Kisha Marie


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Time management is key

Yes, I should sleep eight hours a night or else I will have a bad day the next morning. Take anything from me but don’t take my sleep! It’s not about being lucky but it’s all about how you manage your remaining time after work, to be able to rest properly and sleep.

From Ms Vivian Biescas Bilaro


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Social media is culprit

Yes, I am not getting eight hours of sleep at night because I am sleeping early in the morning. I am sleeping more than eight hours a day and more so if I am not working. Mostly, the reason why I slept late or I have had less sleep is because of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google and other internet activities.

From Mr Sobere Francis Jeronimo


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Just can’t get enough sleep

I do not get enough sleep in a day and I don’t know what to do about it. I get home from work late and I often get some work home with me too. I only have a couple of hours to relax, spend some time with family and maybe do something for myself. I tell myself that I will sleep early but I never manage to. The next day I can barely keep my eyes open at work and I am tired and burnt out. I know people say that better time management is the key to a full night’s sleep but I have tried to manage my time and allocate more time to sleep; yet it eludes me. I am hoping for a miracle.

From Ms Naina Bhalla


Root cause of deprivation

A good seven to eight hours of sleep is a must for a healthy life. But many people in today’s world complain of being sleep deprived. They think that they have a sleep disorder. But the real problem is their mismanagement of time and a lack of discipline in their lives. Sedentary jobs, lack of exercise and the addiction to phones and gadgets are the root cause of insufficient sleep.

From Ms Shail M


Sleep earlier to feel fresh

I think sleeping early is the best and easiest way to combat the problem of not getting enough sleep, but this is easier said than done. We often sleep late because we have a lot to do in a day and we just don’t get the time. If you have a nine to five job, a big portion of your day gets eaten up with work. You barely have time to do anything when you get home. People sleep late thinking that they are getting more time to relax but in reality, they are eating up their time to sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up next morning tired and irritable.

From Ms Renu Dias


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