Change society

While I agree that right-wing policies do help embolden rapists, it isn’t just a phenomenon that has come to the forefront in the last three to four years (“India approves death penalty for child rapists”, Gulf News, April 22). India is a ridiculously patriarchal society and that comes from the culture itself. If you want actual change then it’s time to go to the grassroots and start breaking the prevalent patriarchal culture.

From Mr Shivam Manghnani


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Change laws on rape

How about if countries further change the sentence given to rapists? I am sure this climate of immunity won’t be a factor any longer. Unfortunately, the corruption eating into the Indian law system has engulfed the law enforcers and religious leaders who have no empathy and morals when it comes to raping and murdering women and children.

From Ms Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr.


Justice was not served

The Kathua incident shows that the attitude of people has not been changed since the December 2012 Nirbhaya case. The framework of democracy still allows the Indian legal system to prolong cases of such extreme nature thus, indirectly permits the cowardice to continue the act of aggression. The extreme political involvement has turned to be a spur for a section of society to continue with such aggressive approach against women and children. Even though the Nirbhaya case had widespread national and international outrage and support, justice was not delivered to the family of the deceased. As social media has become a platform for people to share their feelings, it is unfortunate that people continue misusing their freedom of choice. Kathua and the death of eight-year-old Asifa has become a black spot on the face of secular India, therefore the prevailing system needs a complete revamp in order to deliver justice to people.

From Mr Ramachandran Nair


Rights needed more

It feels like, in India, every second girl, daughter and mother is getting raped. I think this is the time to wake up for women’s rights. Everyone need to raise a hand for them.

From Ms Fanmong Li


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Jail for offenders

In terms of percentage, it could be nothing, but there are a few people who are committing such offences (“One killed, eight injured in four-vehicle pile-up in Abu Dhabi”, Gulf News, April 21). There must be some jail time given for certain fines to restrict such offences from happening.

From Mr Mohammad Naeem


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Marriage and long lives

This is a myth. Being married or not has nothing to do with the longevity of one’s life (“Should you marry if you wish to live long?”, Gulf News, April 18). There are so many single people who live much longer, while there are some married people who die early, due to domestic rifts, stress and sometimes a failed marriage. It isn’t necessary that a marriage will always be a happy one. So, in case a marriage doesn’t work, there is a chance that the person may not live longer? One’s life expectancy has no relationship with his or her marital status. If this was the case, people wouldn’t waste time and effort in eating clean and doing exercise but would rather find a spouse for themselves!

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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An increase in accidents

It is so sad how many people have to be injured or die for people in the UAE to focus on road safety. Sometimes, driving is like playing Russian roulette; you just don’t know what chamber the bullet is in. I understand that we are not all perfect drivers but so many times I have seen people tailgate other cars, change lanes without using the indicator and drive aggressively, forcing others off the road to move out of their lanes. A good start would be the restriction of high-powered large engine vehicles for inexperienced drivers. A review of the driving system is needed. I have never seen so many accidents in my life. Attitudes need to change, and fast.

From Mr Tom Lappin


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Who run the world?

I am so happy for the women in Saudi Arabia (“More women wearing colourful abayas in Saudi Arabia”, Gulf News, April 20). It is now time for them to see the beautiful world around and live freely.

From Mr Sharma Dana


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