No currency rates in Business

We have noticed that since January 1, 2019, Gulf News has stopped publishing the currency rates in the daily newspaper. It had been a reliable source of information on currency details. Kindly advise if Gulf News will continue to publish the currency rates or guide us from where we can retrieve the reliable information.

From Mr Rathish Kinarath


Just saw the new business page, which was devoid of the latest currency and commodity market updates. This was my favourite page and needed for the common man.

From Mr Sasil Poonnen Melamparampil


As I was a reader of more than 20 years of Gulf News and a habit of to see Indian Rupees rate regularly from the Business page.

But recently you have removed this information. When I checked with Gulf News they informed now onwards it is online.

From Mr Joies Abraham


Thank you for your feedback. While Gulf News has traditionally carried international currency, commodity and markets data on its business pages, we believe this data’s now ubiquitous presence online has made it unnecessary for us to continue to carry it in the print edition. However, you can still find Dubai Financial Market listings and UAE gold prices on And, we promise to keep your feedback in mind for future development.

Gulf News

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