A sentence that needs to be complete

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s case has been going on for decades and a verdict has finally been issued. However, everyone is quick to defend the man and plead his innocence. He is being punished for a crime he committed. It doesn’t matter if he was assisted, provoked or pushed to kill the blackbuck. Ultimately, he is the one who pulled the trigger. There have been so many debates on news channels, where people are upset with his sentence and are requesting the court to be more lenient. I cannot understand why many people feel his punishment is too severe! The court did take a long time to come to a verdict, which might make people feel the punishment is unnecessary, since a lot of time has passed, but at the end of the day, he did make a mistake. For the common man who commits a crime, not only is bail set at a high amount but the sentence is as per the law. You never hear these cases surface in the news because no one involved is famous and hence, it is not considered important. I think many Bollywood actors feel that because they are famous, make a lot of money and have a fan following, they are ultimately bulletproof. I am happy that the law has woken everyone up. I think Khan should take this in his stride and actually pay for his actions. Let’s not forget that he ran over someone, too. But no one is talking about that. He might have changed since that incident, by becoming more humble and giving back to society, but it does not change what he did. How much of a blind eye is the film fraternity expecting everyone to turn?

From Ms Alia Mathur


Pay for the crime

The Indian film industry is agog with the ‘Salman incident’. The muscle man got a five-year jail term for shooting an endangered animal. This happened after a solid two decades of court drama. However, it has finally proved that the high and mighty can be punished, too. Public opinion is sharply divided on the matter. But as it has been proven, however popular Khan might be, he must face the punishment. It augurs well for the Indian judiciary.

From Mr Thomas Matthew


They get special treatment

Not all celebrities get lenient treatment in the eyes of the law. It’s generally the more influential people who get some special consideration due to their contacts or the people they have had an impact on. There are also the celebrities whose cases have received no lenience. Wealthy businessmen, highly influential celebrities or people with good contacts tend to receive more convenience and comfort, compared to the common man.

From Mr Nishchay Oswal


Equality in court

The world must learn from India. It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire, politician or a celebrity, you go to jail, if found guilty.

From Mr Aashish Singh


We’re the same

Celebrities should be treated equally because they’re regular human beings, just like everyone else.

From Mr Manfred Anwanda


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