The western diet of refined food, super-sized portions and the invidious presence of sugar in almost all commercially prepared foods is once again in the spotlight — thanks to a new documentary that draws attention to the threat inherent in modern diets. From breakfast cereals to pre-cooked foods to even the so-called health foods, sugar invades them all, sometimes visibly, other times not. The rising tide of the white poison (as sugar is also called) is taking its toll with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac problems, hypertension, obesity, etc, continuing to rise around the world.

More and more people and societies are moving away from their traditional foods and succumbing to the siren call of western-influenced refined foods, with children being the most vulnerable victims of the sugar hegemony. Their sugary breakfast cereals contain from 14-20 grammes of sugar in a single serving.

There is only so much governments and health-care authorities can do to educate people on the dangers of refined, sugary foods. Health, ultimately, is an individual’s responsibility.