Foreign mothers of Saudi children have been given permanent residence status in the Kingdom. They will no longer need a sponsor to stay in the country, with which they have formed a unique bond through their family. The decision rights a long-standing injustice that has left the mothers of some Saudi children dependent on the goodwill of others to stay in the country with their families. The decision was taken to provide more certainty about the status and rights of foreign mothers and their Saudi children. They will now have the same benefits as Saudi nationals with regards to housing, education and health services, among others. This will undoubtedly encourage many mixed Saudi families to return home, where their skills may be needed.

They have also been given the right to take up jobs in the private sector and be counted as part of efforts to increase the number of Saudis working in the sector. By encouraging and allowing these women to earn a living, their independence will be further strengthened and they will have more opportunities to improve their living standards and that of their families.

Saudi Arabia has been making steady progress in improving the lives of its women. It recently enacted a ban on domestic abuse, which was also widely welcomed. By continuing to clear the way for women to be a fully responsible and productive part of the society, Saudi Arabia is ensuring the development of the country and all of its people.