181208 emiratisation
Image Credit: ©Gulf News

The national human resources and talents are the backbone of the UAE’s past and future achievements and they will take centre stage as the nation marches confidently to put the 50 years plans into action.

In the competitive labour market of this country, Emiratising high skilled jobs, the key driver of the economy, has always been part of those plans. The government has been focusing on accelerating the process with clear guidelines and generous incentives to institutions that support and take part in this drive.

At its meeting on Monday, chaired by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Cabinet approved a policy that raises the participation of the national labour force in the private sector, by setting a minimum of 2 per cent annually from the total of high-skilled jobs in establishments with more than 50 employees.

The goal, Shaikh Mohammad said, “is to raise this to 10 per cent in 2026 in cooperation with Nafis programme,” the federal programme to increase the competitiveness of Emirati human resources and empower them to occupy jobs in the private sector.

A comprehensive hub

Nafis is part of the ‘Projects of the 50’, the series of developmental and economic projects announced last year, on the occasion of the UAE’s 50th anniversary. The aim is “to accelerate the nation’s development and transform it into a comprehensive hub in all sectors and establish its status as an ideal destination for talents and investors.”

The project to boost the Emirati workforce in the private sector was launched by Shaikh Mohammad earlier this year to get 75,000 Emiratis into the private sector by 2026. Emiratisation will always remain a priority, he said after chairing the Cabinet meeting on February 28.

“The citizen is the compass of the government and the role of the government is to establish an effective balance between our rapid economic growth and the provision of a better and more generous life for our citizens.”

The UAE enjoys a substantial pool of talented nationals who have been leading successful ambitious projects and institutions, in all of the administrative, economic and scientific sectors as well as the service sector. The space programme, completely led and operated by Emirati cadres, is a great example.

The new policy will ensure that private sector establishments that look for such talent will be encouraged and supported to hire skilled national talent, eager to take part in the realisation of the national project of the 50.