The decision of the Family and Juvenile Prosecution unit of Dubai Prosecution to use art therapy to enable a catharsis, and thus healing in abused children, is one more in the commendable slew of initiatives the UAE has been launching to tackle child abuse. A well-received approach, therapy through art has been endorsed by many international experts, and it is sure to yield positive results for Dubai Prosecution.

The problem of child abuse is as diffuse as it is pernicious. From the subtle to the blatant, it runs across the spectrum of physical, mental, psychological and even online abuse.

In 2016, 568 family cases of child abuse and 260 cases of juvenile abuse were handled by the prosecution department.

It is important therefore to address every case with the help of ironclad legislation and its implementation and the UAE has not only done a commendable job in this regard, it has gone a step further — it has empowered people to take an active part in supporting the efforts of the government.

The UAE’s Child Protection Law, that came into effect on June 15, 2016, has made it mandatory for all members of the community to report cases of child abuse or negligence in any and every form. This has significant connotations — by taking society along in its fight against child abuse, the UAE is making sure that awareness plays an ameliorating role in this mission.

When the force of the law and punitive action are combined with societal responsibility in tackling a problem, it leads to a more advanced result-orientation. Together, the government and the community at large can achieve a higher success rate in keeping children safe, protected and secure under all circumstances.