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RTA smart services a big hit with residents

RTA is one of the leading government agencies offering the majority of its services on digital platforms

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Starting with just a couple of services like online information on fines and mobile parking payment just a decade ago, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is now one of the leading government agencies offering the majority of its services on digital platforms.

Offering 173 smart services through its website and 10 mobile applications, two of which - S’hail and Dubai Drive – were launched at Gitex this year, RTA now a few online-only services like registration of vehicles for commercial fleet owners as well as application of NOCs and other certificates.


RTA apps:

  • Drive Dubai
  • RTA Dubai
  • S’hail
  • Wojhati
  • Smart Salik
  • Smart Taxi
  • Public Transport
  • Smart Tow
  • Smart Drive
  • Smart Parking


Dubai Drive offers 34 services covering all the requirements of drivers. If you are a driver in Dubai, this is your app. The app allows drivers to renew driving licences, register vehicles, top up salik, search for parking, locate electric car charging stations etc.

S’hail or the Dubai Integrated Mobility Platform brings together all the transport services in the city in a single platform, allowing commuters to choose from a variety of services with an eye on convenience , accessability and fare.




Popular RTA smart services:

  • Nol top-up
  • Salik top-up
  • Parking payment
  • Driving licence renewal
  • Vehicle registration
  • Fine payment



“We have 173 smart services that we offer through our website and apps. We are adding more service frequently in order provide to our customers the convenience of getting their jobs done from the comfort of their homes and offices. From vehicle registration and Driving licence renewal to commuter and top up services everything is available online,” said Mohammad Al Khayat, Director of RTA Smart Services.

He added that though the online services are getting more popular, RTA wants more people to use the smart services as it saves peoples’ time and resources.

App users

Anees GK, Indian, Software Developer

“I regularly use RTA’s smart services like Salik top up, Nol top up and parking payment. I find it more convenient rather than using conventional options. The apps are easy to use and have plenty of options, which makes people want to use the digital services more often.”


Evren Altiok, Turkish, Financial Services Executive.

“I am big fan of RTA’s mobile applications. I think they are ahead of the curve. I have been only using RTA’s online platforms since I came here three years ago and I have not found any reason to go the customer service centres. I do my vehicle registration, Salik top up, Nol top up, fine payment and all other jobs through apps.”