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Rain leads to 581 traffic accidents in Dubai

Dubai Police receives 12,537 emergency calls during rainfall

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Dubai: The Dubai Police recorded 581 traffic accidents on Sunday due to the rain, officials said on Sunday. The Dubai Police Command and Control Unit logged up to 12,573 emergency calls during the same period.

Lieutenant Colonel Turki Abdul Rahman Bin Faris, Director of Command and Control Unit at Dubai Police, urged motorists to be cautious on the roads whilst driving in rainy conditions.

“Motorists should always keep a safe distance between cars and adjust their speed to the weather conditions … allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route. It’s also advisable to slow down as rains make the roads slippery,” Lt Colonel Bin Faris said.

He added that most traffic accidents happened during bad weather conditions due to low visibility.

“People must check the weather condition before jumping behind the wheel and they should follow safety instructions and regulations to avoid accidents,” he said.

Colonel Bin Faris also urged motorists to plant their journey and leave homes earlier and also to check weather updates to avoid traffic accidents.

Meanwhile, Colonel Ahmad Atiq Burqibah, Deputy Director of the Search and Rescue Department at Dubai Police, said that they didn’t record any accidents in the mountain areas in the last 24 hours.

“We are on alert, ready to respond to any accident in the mountain and valleys especially in Hatta area. We also increased the number of patrols in the mountain areas to be ready around the clock,” Col Burqibah said.

Dubai police prepared jet-skies and rubber boats in case of emergency due to run-offs in valleys, “Our Difficult Missions Squad is ready to deal with any emergency incidents or cars stuck in water.”

Colonel Burqibah also urged the public to stay away from valleys and to desist indulging in performing stunts in the desert areas.

In the meanwhile, Dubai Police rescued seven young men when their boats were stranded in middle of the sea near the World Islands, a spokesperson said.

Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, director of the Sea Rescue Department in Dubai Police, said on Saturday night they were alerted about a boat stranded in middle of the sea due to rough sea and strong winds.

“We sent a team to their location and rescued them. We transferred them to land in Jumeirah without injuries,” Col Al Naqbi informed Gulf News.

He added that in the last 24 hours, Dubai Police had recorded other incidents due to the inclement weather.

On Saturday night, a boat capsized near Palm Jumeirah and police helped the owner to return to land.

“Another incident was reported by a European man who was in his kayak boat when he faced strong winds and rough sea. His boat flipped in the water and he contacted command room asking for help. We sent a team and towed his boat to Mina Al Seyahi area. No injuries were reported,” said Colonel Al Naqbi.

Colonel Al Naqbi urged people to avoid going out to sea during such weather. He added that the Sea and Rescue department had nine sea rescue points in Dubai ready to work around the clock to respond to any emergency.

“We advise residents to avoid the sea as there is a forecast of strong winds and high waves. People can call 999 in case of emergencies.”