fares dubai municipality
You can access various Dubai Municipality services through Whatsapp, now. Image Credit: Screenshot/Dubai Municipality

Dubai: If you have a query for Dubai Municipality, you now have the option to get answers through the municipality’s new Whatsapp service. The municipality’s virtual assistant – Fares – will now answer questions through Whatsapp, making it easier for Dubai’s residents and visitors to get information. Here’s how you can use the service.


How can I use the Whatsapp service?

The Dubai Municipality Whatsapp number – 800 900 – first needs to be saved as a contact on your phone.

Open Whatsapp on your phone and start a chat with the Dubai Municipality’s Whatsapp number by sending ‘Hello’.

Once you receive a response from the virtual assistant, Fares, simply type your question directly or type ‘0’ or ‘menu’ for the list of services the assistant can provide.

What are the services you can use?

You can access the following services through the Whatsapp platform:

• Track request status.

Verify rumours related to Dubai Municipality.

• Get a response to all inquiries.

Calculate your housing fees.

• Access important information.

• Report incidents and submit requests.

Other ways to contact Dubai Municipality

You can also call the municipality on their hotline – 800 900 – or email them at info@dm.gov.ae