graduation degree
The first step to getting your degree attested for use in the UAE is to get it notarised while you are still in China. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ekrulila/Pexels

Dubai: Did you know that you may need to get your Chinese academic degree attested in the UAE for your employment visa? The first step of this attestation process is to notarise the degree in China. Here’s a detailed guide.

Documents needed

According to the online notarisation platform in China -, these are the three documents you need to submit to get your diploma notarised:

- Chinese National ID card
- Household book or if you are under a collective registration, you need to submit your Resident Population Registration Card
- Academic degree

You can submit the documents listed above, and apply for the notarisation in two ways:

1. Visit a notary public office in your place of registered residency
2. Use the online notary service platform (given below)

Online application process

In case you choose to apply for the notary service online, you can access this website:, and follow the steps listed below:

• Click ‘register’ on the top right corner, if you have not registered yet.
• You will then be asked to fill in a user name, create a login password and confirm it.
• On the same page, you will need to select the province and city where your application will take place, and select the notary public office in that city. You should then read the terms and conditions, and check the box ‘I have read and I accept the terms and conditions’. Then click ‘continue’.
• A page will appear asking for your name, phone number and National ID card number. Fill in the information, click ‘send verification code’.
• You will then receive a verification code on your phone. Fill in the verification code on the page, and click ‘finish’.
• You should then login to the platform by filling in your phone number or user name and password.
• After logging in, you will be on the home page. Select ‘start application’.
• Select the province and city where your application will be submitted in the drop down menu.
• Then a list of the notary public offices will appear. Select the one that is convenient to you.
• You will then be asked to choose from one of the two options - ‘use of notarisation’ or ‘notarisation matter’. Select ‘notarisation matter’.
• Afterwards, you will be given a list of notarisation matters, choose ‘degree notarisation’, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click ‘next’.
• On the next page, choose the country where your notarised diploma is going to be used. If you choose ‘the UAE’, you will be given two language options for the notarisation – English and Arabic. Choose the language you need.
• Your name, ID card number, gender, date of birth, and the notary service you previously chose will also be displayed on this page. Review the information and make sure they are correct, then click ‘next’.
• On the next page, you are asked to fill in your cell phone number again for the notary public office staff to contact you.
• Next, choose the method of obtaining the notarisation (only physical pick up is available), choose the place from where you would be picking up the notarised degree, which would again be of the notary office you have chosen earlier. Next, you will be able to choose an ‘acceptance staff’, who will manage your notarisation process. These staff members will be listed depending on the office you have selected. You can also add in any additional or specific requests you may have regarding your degree notarisation in the next field, titled ‘remarks’.
• Scroll down to the bottom of the page, read the terms and conditions, and check the box that states ‘I have read and I agree to the terms and conditions’. Then click ‘next’.
• You will then be asked to upload your documents on the next page. Upload the documents as per requirements, and click ‘submit documents’.
• By submitting your documents, your application is also submitted. You will get an application number on the next page, along with a summary of your application information.

It takes two working days for your chosen acceptance staff to review your application and then communicate with you in case additional documents are needed for the process.

Meanwhile, you can leave a message for the acceptance staff on the platform, in case you have any questions. The staff will answer your questions there.

The fee and processing time

Depending on the notary public in your registered place of residency, the fee for degree notarisation can vary. According to the notary public office of Hebei Province, it is 80yuan (Dh43.39) per diploma notarisation. However, to translate the notarisation to English and Arabic will cost more, and the fee depends on the length of your documents, and the level of difficulty involved to translate your copies. You may consult your acceptance staff for the exact cost.

The processing time depends on your notary public office. However, it takes around seven working days to complete the process. Some notary public office may offer urgent service with additional fees, where you can get your notarised copy in two to four working days.