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Dubai: Dubai residents can pay their utility bill and track their electricity and water consumption through WhatsApp within minutes.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) WhatsApp service, launched in 2019, allows customers to contact and communicate with Dewa 24x7 and help them with any queries related to their electricity and water connection.

Here is how you can use the service.

Dewa Services available on WhatsApp
Here are the services available on Dewa’s WhatsApp account:
Here are the services available on Dewa’s WhatsApp account:
• Supply Management
• Billing
• Smart Response
• Track Services Requests
• Consumption Management
• Bill Payment
• Methods of Payment
• Pay for a Friend
• Auto Pay
• Refund Service
• Billing Transaction History
• Slab Tariff
• Tariff Calculator

How do I use the Dewa WhatsApp service?

To reach out to Dewa through their Whatsapp service, follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone and add the number – 04 6019999 as a contact.

2. Next, in the chat, type in ‘Hello’. You will receive a welcome message from Dewa, with the option to select why you are reaching out to them. It will give you the following list of options:

1. Consumer
2. Builder
3. Partner
4. Supplier
5. Student
6. About Us
7. Contact Us

3. Select number 1 for consumer, if you are reaching out to Dewa for your home utility connection. You will then receive a list of services that you can avail to, such as bill payment, ‘view bill’, disconnecting and activating electricity and water supply.

Some services - like checking your electricity and water consumption, or viewing your bill to check if there are any outstanding dues - can be completed entirely on WhatsApp.

All you have to do is enter the account number stated on your bill, and Dewa will send you a message with a report stating your electricity usage or the balance on your Dewa bill.

However, there are some services like disconnecting your electricity connection or transferring an electricity connection to a new premise, which cannot be completed via Whatsapp. Depending on the service you select, you may receive an SMS from Dewa, with a link directing you to the service on Dewa’s website, along with the steps you need to take.